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My Thai: Thai Beef Jerky

Although fried sun-dried beef is often called Thai "beef jerky," know that it's not exactly like the American beef jerky that you find in the snack aisle at the supermarket. Thai beef jerky is only briefly dehydrated in the sun (hence "single sunlight beef") and some of moisture is still left in the beef, making it easier to chew than its American counterpart. More

Video: SlantShack Jerky, Finally Some High-End Beef Jerky

Joshua Kace says he was never a potato chip guy. "Dried meat was always my snack." He remembers road-tripping to national parks out west at a young age when his parents pulled over at a gas station—it was the first time beef jerky touched his lips. "I always wanted more jerky. There never was enough jerky," he says. Kace, naturally, went on to launch his own small-batch artisan jerky company with two friends called SlantShack Jerky, the latest subject for Liza de Guia's Food Curated video series. More

Cook the Book: Beef Jerky

This recipe for Beef Jerky wasn't exactly what I had in mind when I did my shopping for the week, but seeing the thin slices of grass-fed top round laid out behind glass I knew that it was meant to be. The recipe is adapted from Homesick Texan, a blog that celebrates the foods of Texas in New York. The meat is partially frozen for ease of slicing and then marinated in a mix of Worcestershire, garlic, and chiles overnight for maximum jerky flavor. The strips are then laid out on a baking sheet and dried in the oven for a few hours to reach that perfect chewy-snappy texture. More

What's Inside a Slim Jim?

In case you were wondering what you're ingesting when bite into a Slim Jim, Wired explains the meat stick's ingredients. It's a glorious combination of beef, mechanically separated chicken, corn and wheat proteins, one-sixth of your daily sodium needs, and so much more. Mmm!... More

Slim Jim Shortage in Effect

File this under "Because We Rarely Have Reason to Talk About Slim Jims": If you're wondering where your beloved beef jerky sticks are, there's a shortage due to a deadly explosion last month caused by a gas leak that destroyed the only Slim Jim plant in the country in Garner, North Carolina, and killed three employees. The company doesn't expect to meet full Slim Jim demand until fall. [via Best Week Ever] Update (7/13/09): Donations to the ConAgra Foods Garner Plant Fund are being accepted through United Way. BlueRidgeNow.com has a feature about the victims and their families. The factory will resume operations on July 27. ConAgra says there is no Slim Jim shortage.... More

Meat Cards Redux

A few weeks ago, we brought you Meat Cards—business cards made of beef jerky, with your information laser-etched in. But Joe Yonan at the Washington Post went ahead and got a batch. The result? Each card is "surprisingly delicate," he writes, and "a little hard to make out in parts." But it looks pretty great in his bacon-patterned wallet.... More

Meat Cards: Business Cards Made of Beef Jerky

Meat Cards: We start with 100% beef jerky, and SEAR your contact information into it with a 150 WATT CO2 LASER.Screw die-cutting. Forget about foil, popups, or UV spot lamination. THESE business cards have two ingredients: MEAT AND LASERS. As TK Baltimore points out, "OK, but if you eat it, doesn't that defeat the purpose?" [via Boing Boing]... More

In Videos: Oberto Beef Jerky Mustache

According to the Ad Freak blog, the following videos (after the jump) are the first national ad campaign for Oberto beef jerky. They're mildly amusing and somewhat bizarre, and maybe they'll go some way toward elevating jerky beyond a road-trip snack, for which it is ideally suited. Still, I prefer the weird mom-and-pop local brands that you find at truck stops and gas stations. No clever marketing campaign can top the regional flavors of jerky that you find as you drive cross-country. And as far as jerky commercials go, there's no topping the old Randy "Macho Man" Savage spots for Slim Jim. Those were truly surreal and memorable.... More

Whoa, a Beef Jerky Blog!

All lovers of dried, salty meat sticks, head to Best Beef Jerky, a review blog dedicated to telling you way more than you ever though you'd need to know about different kinds of meat jerky, including vegan brands.... More

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