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Snapshots from Asia: The TCM Hall

Editor's note: This is the last of Wan Yan Ling's Snapshots from Asia series, as she's now back in the States for another semester of graduate school. I've really come to look forward to these twice-weekly little windows on day-to-day life in Singapore and am sad that this is the last one on Ling's figurative roll of film. The good news is that Ling is going to continue to write for us on a periodic basis—one that we'll figure out once she gets settled in for the fall. So, without further ado, here you go. —Adam There was quite a lively debate about Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) here a while back, so I thought it apropos to introduce the good... More

Eating Pretty

I suspect that when it comes to making nutrition choices, what worries us has nothing to do with health or longevity and everything to do with a subject that's much more complex and much more powerful: beauty. More

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