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5 Ballparks with Great Craft Beer

Drinks Stef Ferrari 9 comments

Baseball may be America's favorite pastime, but for many beer fans, being taken out to the ballgame has often meant being faced with a limited draft pick, flavor-wise. Luckily, growing popularity and interest in small-production beer has inspired stadiums to begin covering their bases when it comes to beer options. More

Baltimore: Crabcake-Topped Burger at Oriole Park at Camden Yards

A Hamburger Today Erin Zimmer 10 comments

This is about as Maryland as a burger gets: a crabcake, seasoned with plenty of Old Bay, of course, on top of a burger patty. The "Camden Giant" is available this season at the new Gino's stand at Camden Yards, home to the Baltimore Orioles. Check out this steak-and-cake special smushed inside a Martin's potato bun. More

The Craziest Major League Baseball Hot Dogs of 2012

Hot Dog of the Week Hawk Krall 15 comments

There are plenty of brand new, amazing and/or totally insane hot dog monstrosities at the ballparks all over the country this season. Many of them are deep-fried, bacon-wrapped, four-foot-long mutant hot dogs, while other concoctions are more locally inspired, like the Provel Cheese topped dog in St. Louis. Check out these dogs. More

Where to Eat Near AT&T Park in San Francisco

Lauren Sloss 5 comments

The park has some great food choices inside its palm-tree lined walls, but it's also in San Francisco, meaning there are all kinds of good eating options nearby. The SOMA neighborhood really does step up to the plate (sorry, had to) when it comes to a delicious, varied selection of game day food. Whether you're looking for the best sandwiches, beers, or sit-down dinners before or after the game, here are our favorite spots, all within blocks of the ballpark. More

Do You Buy Peanuts and Cracker Jacks at Baseball Games?

That's Nuts Lee Zalben 21 comments

There are of course plenty of snacks to munch on at a ball game; some stadiums even serve sushi. But I think the song gets it right with peanuts and Cracker Jacks (which also contain peanuts, so the song really is a double endorsement for peanuts). Baseball is a game with a lot of lulls, and shelling peanuts is a fun way to pass the time. More

2011 Minor League Baseball Hot Dog Roundup

Hot Dog of the Week Hawk Krall 7 comments

Last week we looked at Major League Baseball's 2011 roster of signature hot dogs, including a few ridiculous meat-on-meat concoctions. But some of these Minor League hot dog atrocities make those look boring! We're talking one-pound hot dogs loaded with toppings like wasabi, chocolate chips, chipotle ranch dressing, okra, pineapple, frog legs, which are then dipped into funnel cake batter, wrapped in bacon and / or stuffed into twinkies, hamburgers, or even other hot dogs. More

Major League Baseball's Best and Craziest Ballpark Hot Dogs for 2011

Hot Dog of the Week Hawk Krall 25 comments

Meat on meat insanity is big this year at the ballpark concession stands. There's the Cincinnati Reds' bacon-wrapped, deep-fried Meat Lover's Dog topped with chili and garnished with crispy fried salami. The Orioles have a brand new pit-beef and pepperoni topped Birdland Dog, while other parks are topping hot dogs with pulled pork, barbecue sauce-drowned brisket, and even cheesesteak meat. Take a look at some of the craziest dogs we found across the country—we threw some classics in there too! More

Giant's Pitcher Tim Lincecum's Typical Meal at In-N-Out = 3100 Calories

A Hamburger Today Robyn Lee 6 comments

For a typical meal at in-N-Out, two-time Cy Young Award-winning San Francisco Giant's pitcher Tim Lincecum eats three double-doubles (without lettuce and tomatoes), two orders of fries, and a chocolate-strawberry milkshake, for a total of about 3100 calories. More

Critic-Turned-Cook Strikes Out At Ballpark Tasting

Leslie Kelly 9 comments

At a sneak preview of the new food at Safeco Field, home of the Seattle Mariners, I get the chance to ask the chef Jim Makinson for a spot in his kitchen. But I choke when the critic in me comes gushing out. More

Based on Turkey Hill Ice Cream, the Phillies Should Win

Sweets Erin Zimmer 11 comments

"Not exactly sure what this says about tomorrow's game. Just that graham cracker ice cream rules? And there should be more of it?" [Photographs: Robyn Lee] We got our paws on Turkey Hill's special Yankees and Phillies ice cream flavors... More

Turkey Hill's Special World Series Ice Cream

Sweets Erin Zimmer 2 comments

Even if you're not a baseball fan, you might appreciate this: Turkey Hill's four limited edition ice cream flavors inspired by the Yankees and Phillies: the Phillies Graham Slam (graham ice cream with chocolate marshmallow cups and a graham swirl),... More

Yankees vs. Phillies: The Serious Eats World Series

New York Ed Levine 34 comments

With the Yankees playing the Phillies in the World Series, you knew that Serious Eats couldn't let this opportunity to compare the seriously delicious food available in these cities a mere 90 miles apart. Introducing the Serious Eats World Series, where the food emanating from the City of Brotherly Love is pitted against the quintessential eating experiences of the Big Apple. More

NYY Steak, the New Steakhouse Inside Yankee Stadium

New York Erin Zimmer Post a comment

"As a serious carnivore and lifelong Yankee-hater, I'm intrigued by NYY Steak," writes ESPN columnist Paul Lukas. He documents his evening chronologically, from phoning in the reservation at 6:45 p.m. to receiving the $302 bill at 9:49 p.m. ("clearly a... More

First Look at the New Yankee Stadium Food

New York Erin Zimmer 32 comments

All photographs by Robyn Lee At first, the new Yankee Stadium food sounded like a middle school cafeteria ("Carvel Ice Cream, French's Mustard, Hebrew National, Famous Famiglia Pizza, Poland Spring Water, Utz Potato Chips!" the press release advertised). Not... More

Are the New NYC Baseball Stadiums Too Gourmet?

New York Erin Zimmer 2 comments

"Priorities change a bit when you've been waiting 30 minutes for a burger or taco from James Beard award-winning restaurateur Danny Meyer's snack stands...There's a baseball renaissance in New York that has little to do with what's happening on the... More

First Look at Citi Field Stadium Food

New York Erin Zimmer 27 comments

We got to check out Citi Field's new concession stand menu: the Shackburger (studying abroad in Queens), tacos from Danny Meyer's El Verano Taqueria, clam chowder from Dave Pasternack's Catch of the Day, salami sandwiches from Mama's of Corona, and bites from the Acela Club, the restaurant that will overlook left field. This is definitely not Shea Stadium. More

Citi Field Menus, Prices Included

New York Erin Zimmer 2 comments

Mets blogger Zoƫ was at Citi Field yesterday for the St. John vs. Georgetown game and shared menu visuals on her blog Pick Me Up Some Mets! "The Shackburger was delicious, Blue Smoke fries some of the best I've... More

Scoreboard Gourmet, a Blog About Stadium Eating

Erin Zimmer 14 comments

scoreboardgourmet.typepad.com Scoreboard Gourmet is a blog covering food's intersection with sports, particularly baseball right now. With Florida spring training in full swing, they are less focused on steroid scandals, more so on hot dog vendors and smoked corn. Some recent breaking news: the new Yankees stadium will not sell guava juice. [via djacobs]... More

In Videos: Phillies Hot Dog Launcher Mockumentary

Erin Zimmer 4 comments

How did the Phillies become world champs this year? Maybe because their fans stay well-nourished with projectile hot dogs. Hatfield Meats and our favorite chubby green furball mascot, Phillie Phanatic engineered a hot dog launcher and documented (mockumented?) the planning phases, which were sometimes tense given the Phanatic's temper. Like all good ideas, it started with a dream: "I liked to shoot things as a kid," says co-creator Eric Haman. As far as flying objects go, these look tastier than a home run or foul ball. The video, after the jump.... More

Andre Ethier: L.A. Dodger, Food Blogger

Adam Kuban 1 comment

We somehow missed this last week, and I kick myself for that because it's such a cool story. The Wall Street Journal has a charming feature on L.A. Dodgers outfielder Andre Ethier and his nascent food blog. Mr. Ethier knows where to find the best throat-meat tacos in Los Angeles, the juiciest Salvadoran papusas and the city's tastiest Romanian chicken stew. He waxes poetic about the pinto beans in his native Arizona, where they're often pureed with cream and lard. "Here they want you to taste the bean, not the lard, which is... different."In June, Mr. Ethier began snapping pictures of the dishes at some of his favorite restaurants and posting them on a blog he calls Dining With 'Dre.... More

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