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Barbecue, Defined by 16 Pitmasters

Regional representation was an essential element of last weekend's Big Apple Barbecue Block Party. This year pitmasters from 11 different states gathered in Madison Square Park to offer just as many glimpses into what defines barbecue. From Ed Mitchell's celebrity-caliber whole hog chopped pork sandwich to Kenny Callaghan's rich and powerful smoked beef rib, the food served to thousands during this event challenged New Yorkers to trade in our hungry quest for "the best" for something closer to home. I asked 16 pitmasters to tell me his or her definition of barbecue—check out the responses. More

Big Apple Barbecue Block Party 2010 in Photos

The Eighth Annual Big Apple Barbecue Block Party rolled into town this past weekend, bringing along seventeen different pitmasters from all over the country—representing the the diversity that is American barbecue. As each pitmaster focused their attention on only their one strongest item, the barbecue found at the event truly represented the best of the best. More

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