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Cauliflower Stew with Lamb

This stew is kind of a miracle. Potatoes and cauliflower add the most body here, and the ground lamb helps lend a little meaty punch to each bite. At the end, it looks like it will be too heavy and thick, but then you pour some lemon juice to cut right through everything. More

Dinner Tonight: Simple White Bean and Pesto Soup

Barbara Kafka never fails. Her recipes may be confusing—combining odd ingredients with peculiar cooking methods—but I've never completed a recipe of hers that didn't ultimately awe me. That's especially true for this recipe from Soup: A Way of Life, where there are so few ingredients, you'll wonder whether it will hold together at all. Yet, after the five minutes it takes to cook, you'll be greeted by a bowl of warming and fragrant soup, perfumed with basil and with surprising amount of depth. More

The Microwave Oven: Do You Actually Cook With Yours?

The Minimalist, Mark Bittman, and the Curious Cook, Harold McGee, pose all kinds of interesting questions and provide answers about the microwave oven, the kitchen appliance we all love to hate, in today's New York Times. Bittman's fundamental question: We all use a microwave, but can we make it cook? His conclusion, one he came to through trial and error and by interviewing Microwave Gourmet author Barbara Kafka, is that microwaves are great for steaming everything from vegetables to puddings both sweet and savory. What do Kafka and McGee have to say about microwaving?... More

Turkey Tumult

Given that I read on-line every major newspaper's Thanksgiving-obsessed food section this past Wednesday on SauteWednesday, I feel compelled to share with all of you my Thanksgiving menu. I buy an Eberly Farms Organic Turkey and brine it overnight. This... More

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