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Where to Drink Outdoors in New York City, 2014 Edition

The Serious Eats Team 6 comments

Rooftop bars, low-key gardens, people-watching patios—whatever your inclination (and whatever your drink), we've got you covered in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens. More

Where Bartenders Drink in Philadelphia

Carey Jones 2 comments

No one knows a city's bars like the talented men and women who work behind them. So we're going straight to the source, asking bartenders about their own favorite drinking establishments in Philly, from dive bars to fancy cocktail spots. More

5 Great Drink Ideas From the Manhattan Cocktail Classic Gala

Daniel Gritzer 4 comments

The Manhattan Cocktail Classic launched its fifth year with their annual booze-fueled, black-tie gala at the New York Public Library. Along with a nasty hangover, we managed to pick up several great cocktail ideas. More

Like it Or Not, Twin Anchors' Baked Ribs Are Here to Stay

Chicago Joe Roy 19 comments

Like many of my other countrymen, I sort of like baked ribs, so I couldn't help wonder if Twin Anchors really deserves all the flack. More

Chicago Drinking Guide: The Best Spots for Cocktails Right Now

Drinks Emma Janzen 3 comments

A new sense of saucy irreverence is at play in Chicago—cocktails on tap, in bottles, and dance nights with shots of Old Fashioneds are all fair game. Here's our guide to the best places to drink cocktails in the Windy City right now. More

A Sandwich A Day: Spicy Southern Fried Chicken Sandwich at Northside Bar & Grill

Chicago Tessa McLean 1 comment

We have pretty high standards for fried chicken in this city these days, but that doesn't mean the average bar can't take on the challenge. More

Gluten-Free Browned Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars

Serious Eats Elizabeth Barbone 7 comments

Gluten-free cookie bars with coconut and chocolate chips get their nutty caramel flavor from browned butter. More

How to Crush the Rush: Tips for Bartenders

Drinks Alfie Turnshek-Goins 2 comments

I'm convinced that as soon as you let your guard down, perfect strangers somehow all get together on a street corner near your bar, and after doing a headcount to ensure that at least fifty people are there, they walk directly into the place and all order at the same time. More

Rye: An Essential San Francisco Cocktail Bar

Drinks Josh Leskar Post a comment

Though there's always a constant buzz of people at Rye, the bar is busy without feeling crowded. The hours fly by. The drinks are delicious. More

When Bars Were More Than Just Bars

Drinks Reid Mitenbuler 1 comment

In colonial America, a general lack of infrastructure meant the tavern had to pinch hit in various other social functions, whether of church or state. They sometimes doubled up as courthouses (and even jails) and other times served as local theaters. More

First Look: David Burke's Primehouse New Bar Menu, Small Snacks from a Serious Steakhouse

Chicago Nick Kindelsperger Post a comment

We are a steakhouse—everyone knows that," says Rick Gresh, the executive chef at David Burke's Primehouse. But recently a larger bar area was added in, opening the space up, and allowing for people to come in for a drink and a snack. So what kind of snacks do you serve at a steakhouse? More

The Vegetarian Option: Beer Table

New York Howard Walfish 4 comments

Based on Beer Table's tiny kitchen, with a hot plate and a convection oven, you wouldn't guess that they could produce such good food. I've written before about how some bars here in NYC are putting out food that's way above the level of traditional "bar food", and Beer Table is a prime example of that. More

New Haven: Delicious Thin-Crust Pizza at Bar

Slice Andrew Janjigian 26 comments

According to the staff, the original pizza cook at Bar once worked at Sally's on Wooster Street, and at first glance, the pedigree is apparent: the pizzas are served over a sheet of parchment paper set into aluminum sheet trays, shaped into elongated circles to better fit the rectangular pan. There are differences, too, though—the pizzas are substantially thinner than other New Haven pies, and they are sliced into rectangles rather than the usual wedges. More

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