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For the Best Food in Bangkok, Hit the Streets

You can wander the streets of Bangkok for weeks, pointing at every single thing that looks tasty, handing over a couple dozen baht, and eating until you burst, all without ever eating the same thing twice. And you'd have difficulty spending more than around $10 a day doing it. And, in fact, that's pretty much what my wife and I did for the few days we were there. Here's just a taste of what you'll get. More

The Best Dishes I Ate in Thailand

The Pad Thai was startlingly complex in a way that makes the gloopy, sugary versions served back home feel like a crime. I also snacked on pieces of deliriously crispy fried pork belly at a market, ate a bowl of noodles made right before my eyes by a lady on a boat, and had not one, but two excellent Vietnamese meals. See all of my best bites in Thailand. More

Snapshots from Thailand: Street Food in Bangkok

Here's a bold statement: Bangkok is the greatest eating city in the world. It's the only place I can think of where you can spend a month just wandering the streets, eating every single thing that tickles your fancy, three meals a day (with snacks in between), and never try the same thing twice. And to top it all off, you can do it all for under $5 a day. More

Street Food Profiles: Nong's Khao Man Gai in Portland, Oregon

Note: It's time for another edition of Street Food Profiles. This week we scoot to Portland, Oregon, a sidewalk cuisine mecca where this one-item menu finds inspiration from Bangkok vendors. [Photographs: Nong's Khao Man Gai] Name: Nong's Khao Man Gai (pronounced cow-mon-guy) Vendor: Narumol "Nong" Poonsukwattana Location and hours? SW 10th Avenue and Alder Street (map) across the street from Jake's Grill in Portland, Oregon. What do you sell? Khao Man Gai ($6), or poached chicken served on jasmine rice with cucumber slices and cilantro. And don't forget that little tub of sauce—it's made with fresh ginger, garlic, sugar, fermented soy beans, and chile, and meant to be poured all over the meal. The Piset (pee-set), or "special" in Thai,... More

A Thai Pizza Has Bacon and Cheese Stuffed in the Crust

Bangkok-based journalist Newley Purnell just hipped me to perhaps the most extreme stuffed-crust pizza yet. On his blog, he says: You can get it at The Pizza Company, a Thai chain. I haven’t tried it yet. But I just might have to. One interesting detail: it’s served with cheese sauce on the side. (In case you need even more cheese! Presumably there’s no bacon on the side, since there’s “double bacon” in the crust.) "But I might just have to"? Might? Come on, Mr. Purnell, you have to try it. We'd love to see some actual pictures of this... More

Review of Japanese Chain R Burger

Singapore-based food blog Noob Cook reviews R Burger in Bangkok, Thailand. The Japanese burger chain describes its offerings as "real healthy Japanese burger" and features unconventional combinations such as chicken with plum sauce, and yam and surumi with ginger sauce.... More

Bangkok Street Food

When I read Joshua Kurlantzik's fine piece on Bangkok street food, I immediately thought of my late friend Johnny Apple, who wrote an equally spirited and passionate story on the same topic a few years ago. One plus of Kuralntzik's piece: He gave props to the terrific Thai food blogger Austin Bush. Johnny Apple, on the other hand, leaned on American writer Robert Halliday for guidance. The times they have changed. But did they write about the same restaurants?... More

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