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Pinto Bean and Rice Salad With Tomatoes and Cheddar in Banana Pepper-Chili Vinaigrette

Serious Eats Jennifer Olvera 2 comments

The classic side dish of rice and beans gets a summery facelift in this bold, chilled salad, packed with tomatoes, sharp cheddar, onions, cilantro, and an in-your-face vinaigrette made with both banana peppers and ancho chilies. More

Pizza Girl: Banana Peppers on Pizza? Yes. And They Are Spectacular

Slice apizzagirl 36 comments

I finally tried banana peppers on a pizza last night. Before then, they were always one of those unimportant toppings that few people ordered except when they went crazy on our "unlimited" toppings special. Halfway between a pickle and a pepper, they are tangy and spicy at the same time. Now I can't stop trying to think of ways to make their flavor even better. What toppings do you think would go well with them? More

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