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Mixed Review: Canterbury Naturals Coconut Macaroons

Sweets Lucy Baker 1 comment

It seems obvious that coconut macaroons should taste first and foremost of coconut. But too often their aching sweetness obliterates any other flavors. One bad experience with a cloying macaroon has led many people to write them off entirely, and that's a shame. Macaroons done right are delicious—light, sticky, and full of tropical coconut flavor. More

Mixed Review: Barefoot Contessa Outrageous Brownie Cookies

Sweets Lucy Baker 3 comments

Have you ever heard of brookies? The irresistible love child of a brownie and a cookie, the best brookies have crisp edges, tender centers, and a deep, rich fudgy flavor. Achieving the perfect brookie consistency can be tricky. They have to strike the perfect balance between cakey and crunchy, while still retaining hints of gooey chocolate. Just how outrageous were the Barefoot Contessa's brookies? More

Mixed Review: Jell-O No Bake Peanut Butter Cup Dessert

Sweets Lucy Baker 10 comments

Thick, creamy peanut butter mousse sandwiched between an Oreo cookie crust and a hard chocolate shell? A prep time of only fifteen minutes? Jell-O's No Bake Peanut Butter Cup Dessert mix ($3.29) sounded almost too good to be true. More

Mixed Review: Dr. Oetker's German Streusel Cake

Sweets Lucy Baker 4 comments

German streusel cake, or streusel küchen, is a lot like good ol' American crumb-topped coffee cake. A light, moist layer of butter cake is topped with fruit (usually apples) and sprinkled generously with streusel topping. While I think all cakes can--and should--be eaten anywhere and anytime, this one falls solidly into the breakfast/brunch category. With brunch-friendly holidays like Easter and Mother's Day on the horizon, I decided to try out Dr. Oetker's German Streusel Cake Mix ($2.49) for this week's Mixed Review. More

Mixed Review: Barefoot Contessa Chocolate-Dipped Shortbread Hearts

Sweets Lucy Baker 5 comments

The cookies were crispy, sweet, and scented faintly with vanilla. Each bite began with a slick of rich dark chocolate and ended in a satisfying crunch. I was impressed that the cookies had absolutely no hint of artificial, cloying, from-a-mix flavor. Seriously, you could say you baked them from scratch and no one would be the wiser. More

Mixed Review: Cake Chalet Avocado Spice Cake

Sweets Lucy Baker 11 comments

No matter how you bake it, frost it, or slice it, after a while cakes from supermarket mixes can get a little boring. The flavor options are always the same: golden vanilla or Dutch chocolate, with the occasional lemon or carrot thrown in. That's why I was excited—astounded, really—to discover Cake Chalet, a website that prepares cake mixes to order and boasts a roster of 93 flavors ($7.95 each, plus shipping). These are cakes beyond your wildest dreams: grape soda, fig Danish, tangy taco, and even potato chips and dip. More

Mixed Review: How to Make Cake Balls

Sweets Lucy Baker 41 comments

Somehow, the cake ball phenomenon managed to escape me. Until now. For this week's Mixed Review I decided to give you a detailed account of just what it takes to whip up a batch of the impressive looking yet deceptively simple bite-sized treats. Cupcakes, meet your match. More

Mixed Review: Durkee Lemon Pie Filling

Sweets Lucy Baker 16 comments

Who doesn't love lemon pie (with or without the meringue topping)? It's certainly always been a favorite of mine. But sometimes you just don't want to make the curd. It's not that it's hard, exactly, though it does involve separating a whole lot of eggs. That's why I was excited to try out Durkee's Lemon Pie Filling mix ($1.18). Just two egg yolks and few tablespoons of sugar would yield a smooth-yet-stable curd filling with real citrus flavor. Was it too good to be true? More

Mixed Review: Harry & David Blackberry Jam Cake

Sweets Lucy Baker 6 comments

After a recent visit to the Harry & David outlet store in Wrentham, Massachusetts, I bought their Blackberry Jam Cake Mix ($8.95, available at your local Harry & David outlet). What can I say? I'm partial to anything baked with swirls. As I stood over the bowl stirring, it smelled distinctly like yellow cake, in an overwhelming and artificial way. It smelled like cake the way Auntie Anne's smells like pretzels. More

Mixed Review: Ecco La Pasta Parmesan Pizza Crust

Lucy Baker 9 comments

Lately I've been obsessed with making pizza. It began with (I'll admit it) a Boboli renaissance," but has graduated to pizza crust mixes. Free from worries about yeast, arduous kneading, and second rises, nothing is more fun than hanging out in the kitchen, sipping wine and scouring the fridge for inspired toppings. Recently, I picked up a box of Ecco La Pasta's Parmesan Pizza Crust Mix (available in select Williams-Sonoma stores for $12), hoping it would deliver something like Pizza Hut's stuffed crust—but be a bit more, ahem, refined. More

Mixed Review: Pillsbury Funfetti Cookies

Sweets Lucy Baker 13 comments

Like most supermarket cookie mixes, Pillsbury Funfetti Cookies ($3.19) come together very quickly and require only a stick of butter and an egg. They have a flavor all their own: they taste even sweeter than sugar cookies, and more like cake batter than actual cake batter. More

Mixed Review: Kodiak Cakes Bear Country Oatmeal and Dark Chocolate Cookies

Sweets Lucy Baker 4 comments

I'm a skeptic when it comes to baking with whole wheat flour. Too often, I find the consistency of such "healthy" desserts leaden and granular, the flavors a bit woody and dull.Still, I couldn't resist the funky, Adirondack-style packaging of Kodiak Cakes Bear Country Oatmeal and Dark Chocolate Cookie Mix ($5.75). More

Mixed Review: Sweet 'n Low Chocolate Snack Cake Mix

Sweets Lucy Baker 13 comments

Once baked, the cake turned out to be pretty flat, only about an inch thick at its heartiest point. It had an odd, rubbery consistency, vaguely reminiscent of a foam couch cushion—it was as dense and tightly woven as foam, too. I felt like I could hold the entire cake casually in one hand without fear of it crumbling or breaking. More

Gift Guide: For the Baking Mix Lover

Lucy Baker Post a comment

Our gift-guide marathon continues. Don't know a baking-mix maven? Try our full complement of lists. —Ed. Though from-scratch kitchen projects can be very rewarding (and delicious), sometimes the shortcuts are just too good. These throw-it-together mixes—ranging from cider donuts to funnel cake, brownies, and flan—make great gifts. Stonewall Kitchen Eggnog Pancake and Waffle Mix: A breakfast flavored with all the ingredients traditionally found in the holiday drink—except the booze. Remedy that by serving them drizzled with maple syrup warmed in a saucepan with a tablespoon or two of bourbon or rum. Available online at stonewallkitchen.com, $5.99 Dean Jacobs Funnel Cake Kit Perfect for kids (or carnies). With two cake mixes, powdered sugar topping, a funnel cake pitcher, frying ring, tongs,... More

Mixed Review: Sun Maid Honey Raisin Bran Muffin Mix

Sweets Lucy Baker 4 comments

The problem with bran muffins is that they are often dry to the point of being sandy. Taking a bite can be like filling your mouth with woodchips—not exactly an appealing breakfast option. So when I saw that the Sun Maid Honey Raisin Bran Muffin Mix ($4.19) was labeled "extra moist," I decided to give it a try. More

Mixed Review: Stonewall Kitchen Chocolate Whoopie Pie Mix

Sweets Lucy Baker 9 comments

"The combination of cakey chocolate and creamy vanilla was sublime—like a cross between a cupcake and an Oreo cookie." After reading the whoopie pie piece in last week's New York Times, I couldn't stop thinking about the pillowy pastries. Visions... More

Mixed Review: Williams-Sonoma Sugarplum Crumble Specialty Bread Mix

Lucy Baker 14 comments

Christmas is here, and 'tis the season of splurging—when it comes to both cash and calories. On a recent shopping trip to Williams-Sonoma I couldn't resist picking up a box of this Sugarplum Crumble Specialty Bread Mix, which promised to be "a festive bread studded and swirled with sweet plums and topped with crystallized ginger streusel." The price seemed at little steep at $14.00, but the friendly sales associate persuaded me, with much eye rolling and gesticulation, saying that it was "brand new and absolutely amazing." Since I had offered to bring dessert to an upcoming holiday party, I figured, why not? Bread, loaf cake—what's the difference?... More

Is Making Biscuits From A Mix Any Easier Than Making From Scratch?

Allison Hemler 23 comments

With all the intense preparation needed for Thanksgiving dinners, a baking mix or sauce mix here and there isn't going to make or break the authenticity of your meal. The key is to use mixes that actually make life easier, rather than ones that complicate your free time. While I may not be preparing a whole meal for the holidays, the least I can do is bring a side dish, or perhaps, a bag of fresh buttermilk biscuits. So when Ed Levine handed me a pack of Organic Southern Buttermilk Biscuit Mix ($10.50 at Williams-Sonoma, at stores only) to try at home, I happily obliged and got to work. The tools necessary: the mix, a stick of unsalted butter,... More

Nostalgia Via King Arthur Flour's Monkey Bread Mix

Allison Hemler 27 comments

My mom's version of Monkey Bread; my version from the King Arthur Flour mix Every Christmas morning for as long as I can remember, my mom would make her version of classic Monkey Bread using Pillsbury dough, with at least a stick of butter and a cup of sugar (if not double of both). I have such fond memories of the bread that I set out to recreate it with the King Arthur Flour Classic Monkey Bread Mix ($12.50, williams-sonoma.com) and its accompanying baking mold ($29.95, williams-sonoma.com). This mix is not about saving time or saving calories; start to finish the process was approximately 3 1/2 hours, including waiting time (and lots of cleaning). For a good laugh, I... More

Mixed Review: Trader Joe's Pumpkin Bread vs. Homemade Pumpkin Yeast Bread

Serious Eats Lucy Baker 11 comments

I once had a roommate, Laura, whose mother would send each of us mini-loaves of pumpkin bread, plus a larger loaf for the entire apartment, every Halloween. It was a thoughtful gesture, and one that I looked forward to every... More

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