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Behind the Scenes: Making (and Setting Fire to) DBGB's Baked Alaska

Sweets Laura Togut 5 comments

[Photographs: Laura Togut] In my humble opinion, ice cream is basically proof that god loves us and wants us to be happy. So what could be better? I dunno... OH WAIT. ICE CREAM THAT YOU LIGHT ON FIRE. Enter the... More

Know Your Sweets: Baked Alaska

Sweets Sarah Baird 7 comments

Baked Alaska (aliases: Norwegian omelet, glace au four) is a classic dessert of the Gilded Age best known for magically combining ice (an interior cake made up of sponge cake layered with ice cream) and fire (a torched meringue shell). Find out what New York City restaurant made it a classic, the origin of the name, and more! More

Baked Alaska Pie from Jeni Britton Bauer

Sweets Jeni Britton Bauer 3 comments

All year, we put our blow torches to use making Baked Alaska Pies—delicious little dishes of layered pie crust, ice cream, and "torched" meringue. More

Jeni Britton Bauer's Baked Alaska Pie

Serious Eats Carrie Vasios Mullins 1 comment

This dessert is versatile. With sweet potato ice cream, it takes on a Thanksgiving personality. With dark chocolate, coconut, banana, or lemon ice cream, it feels like dessert à la Route 66: chocolate silk, coconut cream, banana cream, or lemon meringue pies. With Roasted Strawberry & Buttermilk Ice Cream, made with the addition of a teaspoon of rose water or a drop of essential oil, if you like, it becomes an elegant spring offering. More

The Making of Saul Bolton’s Baked Alaska, at Saul in Boerum Hill

New York Carey Jones 5 comments

"The meringue acts like an igloo, shielding the frozen parfait from the elements." It’s hard not to see Boerum Hill restaurant Saul as a trailblazer—if not a particularly obvious one. Opened ten years ago this August, when Smith Street was... More

Sugar Rush: Sweets at DBGB

New York Kathy YL Chan Post a comment

After dinner at DBGB last week, Ed, Robyn and I shared a trio of desserts. I tried to pick a favorite, as I always do when a crowd of sweets land at the table. But really, such a task... More

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