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Study: Nearly Half of Soda Fountains Contaminated with Bacteria

[Photograph: Zach Klein] According to the International Journal of Microbiology, biologists in Roanoke, Virginia, analyzed 30 different soda fountains (20 self-serve and 10 staff-dispensed) for microbial contaminants and found that nearly half of them contained coliform bacteria — with 11 percent containing E. coli and 17 percent C. meningosepticum. What's even scarier is that: Most of the identified bacteria showed resistance to one or more of the 11 antibiotics tested. These findings suggest that soda fountain machines may harbor persistent communities of potentially pathogenic microorganisms which may contribute to episodic gastric distress in the general population and could pose a more significant health risk to immunocompromised individuals. Yowza. I think I have even more reason to smuggle in a... More

The Five-Second Rule, V2.0

Harold McGee looks at research on the five-second rule and formulates version 2.0: "If you drop a piece of food, pick it up quickly, take five seconds to recall that just a few bacteria can make you sick, then take a few more to think about where you dropped it and whether or not it’s worth eating." I employ the five-second rule at my apartment and other people's houses, and for food that's fallen into my lap; everywhere else is pretty much a no-eat zone.... More

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