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A Sandwich a Day: The Goat Cheese and Bacon from Uncle Uber's Sammich Shop

Uncle Uber's Sammich Shop in Dallas's Deep Ellum neighborhood hasn't been open very long, but over the last few months they've managed to make some serious, er, sammiches. Nomenclature aside, you should order Uncle Uber's Goat Cheese and Bacon ($6.29). The applewood smoked bacon and slices of cucumber and avocado give it a fresh taste, almost reminiscent of a BLT, but then you have that thick, rich layer of goat cheese that makes it far more substantial than its BLT cousin. More

A Sandwich a Day: Griddled Cheese at Five Points

The Griddled Cheese Sandwich ($14) at Five Points is a jaw-stretcher, and at least half of it is thinly-sliced apples, cooked until just tender but not mushy. The double smoked bacon is thick and meaty, and powerfully flavorful; it would be fantastic in a BLT, but here, it fights with the apples, aged cheddar, and grainy mustard for attention. More

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