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Bacon Mat Reloaded: BLT

Remember the bacon mat that Robyn blogged about back in June? It was definitely interesting but it just kinda sat there. Well, Kathie Lucas crafted one and gave it oodles of context, making an open-face BLT sandwich (bottom right), "with spinach and sliced cucumbers to bump up the healthiness of it all. It was so good. And yes, the two of us polished it off in a matter of minutes. Our 7-year-old daughter looked on in awe. Or something like awe." Make your own, via Instructables.... More

Photo of the Day: Bacon Mat

It's a mat. Of bacon. I don't predict a bright future in "bacon textiles", but this mat should please bacon lovers everywhere. Or kill them... Make your own in just four easy steps at instructables.... More

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