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Meet the Real Star of Your Favorite Food Travel Shows (It's Not the Host)

Jaya Saxena 11 comments

Never heard of a food fixer? Good—then they're doing their job right. Fixers are connected culinary experts who know a region or cuisine inside and out, and steer everyone from in-the-know tourists to TV personalities toward whatever it is they absolutely need to eat. We go behind the scenes with Kevin Cox, a Singapore-based fixer to find out exactly how one gets this dream job. More

Back Of The House: The Life of a Cook's Illustrated Test Cook

Jaya Saxena 34 comments

What's it like to work in the Cook's Illustrated test kitchens? We talked to Senior Editor Daniel Souza about how he got the job, how the CI team tests recipes, and what kitchen tools he can't live without. More

Back Of The House: The Fascinating Work of a Historic Gastronomist

Jaya Saxena 8 comments

Historic gastronomists are like edible time travelers, using history to discover our past and illuminate our future eating habits. Just don't count on vanilla-flavored saltwater making a comeback. More

Back of the House: What Does a Food Stylist Do?

Jaya Saxena 13 comments

Think food stylists spend all day gluing sesame seeds to Styrofoam buns? Think again. We go behind the scenes with a professional food stylist to learn the tricks of the trade. More

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