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Chocoholic: No Knead Chocolate Babka

Babka is a delicious bundt-shaped, yeast-risen coffee cake from Eastern Europe. Pronounced "bahb-ka", the word means "grandmother" in Polish, which is perfectly fitting for this plump and comforting sweet bread. Babka is typically filled with swirls of either cinnamon, nuts, or chocolate (my favorite of course). More

Good Bread: Silver Bell Bakery

One of the Silver Bell Bakery's customers is so addicted that every week he drives 10 hours round-trip from Saratoga Springs just to get his bread. By the end of the summer, Silver Bell is going to move out to the suburbs, following its customer base. So get it while you can. More

Poll: Chocolate vs. Cinnamon Babka

Chocolate babka. Though cinnamon doesn't look that much different. [Photograph: Robyn Lee] Babka, the dessert loaf that's too sweet to be considered a "bread" and too bready to be in the same family as cakes and pies, is a wonderful identity crisis. It's filled with swirly layers of gooey business, either chocolate or cinnamon. But is one flavor more beloved? Though I could probably pin down a nice, knowledgeable bubbe for answers, let's see what you think. Something tells me chocolate will win, but that's based on absolutely zippo factual evidence—except maybe a Seinfeld episode (when Elaine wants to bring chocolate to a party but settles for cinnamon, "the lesser babka"). Take the poll! »... More

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