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Video: How to Stop Cute Babies From Throwing Food Everywhere

Did every baby attend the same conference on how to propel cereal and get spaghetti everywhere except in their mouths? Babies are professional mess-makers, but a new product may prevent all that. Introducing the Baby Diner, a device that secures plates and bowls to surfaces so they don't get launched in every direction. Even if you don't have a baby or have any interest in this product, the promotional video is worth watching for the montage of chubby-cheeked munchkins getting food everywhere—especially the little girl covered in blue yogurt. More

This Baby Loves Butter

Kate really loves butter. From Cheeseslave. Anne Marie's daughter Kate loves butter. Really, really loves butter. Like "eat it straight out of the wrapper" loves butter. Kate completely puts my love of butter to shame. Related How to Make Butter Butter Sculptures Gallery Unbelieveable! This Is Not Butter!... More

Pondering Baby's First Meal

©iStockPhoto.com/tcort Anthony Silverbrow on the Guardian's Word of Mouth blog contemplates what his daughter's first solid meal should be: There is surprisingly little independent guidance (i.e., not written by those trying to flog a series of books) on what babies should be fed. There's a mini-industry around last meals, there's a lot of gnashing of teeth about what to give early meals, but first solid meals seem to be overlooked.Is any meal more significant than our first? For the food obsessed, does it get any more existential than pondering what to pass between our lips for the very first time? I have a gut feeling that the first meal will determine how that child approaches food for the rest... More

Babycinos, a Drink for Babies

Photograph from t1mmyb on Flickr At the bakery/cafe/lounge Buzz in Alexandria, Virginia, babies (and baby-ish age range) can get a kick-start on their fancy $4 coffee addiction. According to a press release: Kids can now enjoy their very own coffee bar beverage with Buzz’s new Babycino. The child-friendly concoction is caffeine-free, and made with cold regular or chocolate milk served in a 12-ounce cup, and topped with frothed foam and a drizzle of homemade chocolate sauce for $1. So basically it's just milk with stuff on top. "Babycino" was new to me, but actually has entries on both Wikipedia and Urban Dictionary. Do babies really care? Don't they just want bottles and juice boxes?... More

In Videos: Martha Stewart With Babies In Food-Inspired Halloween Costumes

"Sonya is having a little bit of a hard time being a Caesar salad. She really wanted to be a pie." As if little babies couldn't get any cuter and pudgier, that factor gets multiplied by infinity when they wiggle in lobster, lemon meringue pie, and roast turkey costumes. Isabele Ortley is responsible for the crafty Halloween costumes, and showed them off on an episode of the Martha Stewart Show in 2006. At the end, Ortley demonstrates step-by-step how to turn your munchkin into a succulent roast turkey, complete with drumsticks! The best is the little one passed out in the apple pie costume. She seems pretty over her lattice-topped belly. Video, after the jump.... More

Cooking With Kids: Amelia Bedelia Gives Advice on Baby Food

When people ask me about baby food, I always tell them the same thing: there's no such thing as baby food. With few exceptions, mashed-up adult food is perfect for babies. It's nutritious, fun, and easy, and you don't have to prepare separate meals. Sometimes I go on and on as if I invented this idea. Then something will come along to remind me that I'm about as original as a financial planner telling clients not to spend so much on lattes. This time around, it was Amelia Bedelia. The book series Amelia Bedelia, for anyone who hasn't been introduced, is for early readers and authored by Peggy Parish. The first was published in 1963. They have not aged entirely... More

Cooking with Kids: Baby Food Blender

If you're into gadgets and looking to make your own baby purees, Williams-Sonoma is now selling the Beaba Babycook. Pronounced "Bay-OBB-uh," the device has been popular for several years in Europe and is now available in the US. There's a video on the Williams-Sonoma site showing how it works. It's basically a mini-chopper than can steam food before you puree it. The industrial design is tops—with chubby curves and lime-green trim, it looks like a dollhouse accessory, albeit with a sharp blade.... More

Eating for Two: What to Eat While Pregnant

Last year I got a late Christmas present—on December 26, I found out I was a few weeks pregnant. The very first thing I did was eat a celebratory piece of cheesecake (it’s silly, but I felt as if I was giving the embryo a treat—thank you for implanting!). My second priority was to start reading about what I was actually supposed to be eating, which I suspected was not the cheese enchiladas, endless milkshakes, and french fries I dreamed of as the ideal indulgent pregnancy diet. To prepare for pregnancy, I had already cut out alcohol and started taking folic acid supplements, but how else would I have to change my ways in the months ahead?... More

Babyplane! The Best Spoon for Kids Ever

My friend John told me the other day that his son was at the stage where he was only willing to eat if John pretended the spoon was a plane or train en route to his little mouth. I sent him a link this morning to Babyplane, a spoon with a little plastic plane built around it, and he wrote back to call it a scientific breakthrough, saying, "You could actually TRIPLE the amount of food that gets into a toddler with that spoon." $15 at Pylones, in blue or pink.... More

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