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6 Beers That Blew Our Minds at the Great American Beer Festival 2013

Drinks Sean M. Buchan 5 comments

Between the Denver Rare Beer Tasting, Crooked Stave's What the Funk!? Festival, and GABF itself, we tried a plethora of outstanding brews, including some of the rarest beers on earth. Here's the rundown on our six favorites. More

On the Beer Trail: Avery Mephistopheles' Stout in Colorado

Drinks Ethan Fixell 10 comments

My first ever trip to Colorado was a whirlwind: I still can't remember many of the details because of how overwhelmed I was by the plethora of renowned craft beer...Or maybe that was just because I was drinking so much. But I do know this: on my hectic maiden journey I fell in love with the Rockies. (The mountains, not the baseball team. Only a mother could love them after last season.) More

Homebrewing: How To Brew an Imperial IPA

Drinks Joe Postma 2 comments

Citrusy, resiny, and bitter, the American Imperial IPA is an aggressive beer—and a rich one. This style grew out of the demand for hoppier beers at the start of the American craft beer revolution. As IPAs were brewed with more and more hops, the amount of grain needed to balance out the bitterness increased. The results were IPAs that were so extreme that they took on the moniker Imperial, which was previously reserved for only the biggest stouts. Here's how to brew one of your own. More

Top Sips from the 3rd Annual Avery Brewing Co. SourFest

Drinks Sean M. Buchan Post a comment

Easily one of the most sought-after beer festivals in the state, SourFest sold out in under 2 minutes. This year, 27 breweries from across the country came to pour 59 different sour and funky beers. More

6 Great (and Rare) Sips from the First Week of L.A. Beer Week 2011

Drinks Katie Robbins 1 comment

From super local brews to rare releases from up the coast, L.A. Beer Week has thus far offered a range of stellar sips. Take a look at some of our favorites in the slideshow, and if you're in town, there's still plenty of Beer Week to be enjoyed—now through October 23. More

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