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Fast-Food Lobster Rolls: Can They Be Any Good?

Malcolm Bedell 27 comments

National and local chains roll out their versions of the lobster roll. It's a bold choice; lobster meat needs to be served reasonably soon after it's been cooked, and it is subject to some cost fluctuations over the course of the season. So which big chains are serving up mass-market lobster rolls? Are they anywhere close to those served at our favorite roadside Maine seafood shacks? Turns out, one is. More

Deal of the Day: Au Bon Pain

New York Erin Zimmer Post a comment

Participating Au Bon Pain locations will offer a free medium iced coffee today after 2 p.m. No coupon, purchase, or secret handshake necessary. Check aubonpain.com for locations. [via Blondie and Brownie]... More

Fast-Food Yogurt Parfaits

New York Carey Jones 16 comments

When fast-food restaurants jump on the health food bandwagon, the results aren’t usually great. (McDonald’s wilted salads and Dunkin’ Donuts cardboard flatbreads come to mind.) But many chains have had luck in the yogurt parfait department. Fruit, yogurt, and... More

Fast-Food Oatmeal: The Good, the Bland, and the Goopy

New York Carey Jones 24 comments

It’s warm, healthy, filling, and pairs well with anything—in so many ways, oatmeal is an ideal breakfast food. But portable, it is not. While instant oatmeal packets can be a fair substitute, those on-the-go (or without a microwave in... More

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