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Ask a Chef: What Thanksgivukkah Mashup Dish Would You Create?

Jamie Feldmar 2 comments

By now, you've surely heard of Thanksgivukkah, the once-in-a-lifetime holiday mashup of Thanksgiving and Hanukkah. We made latke-crusted turkey stuffing fritters with a liquid cranberry core and schmaltz gravy to celebrate, but there are plenty of other combos out there—just ask these guys. More

Ask a Chef: What's Your Favorite Thanksgiving Side Dish?

Jamie Feldmar 4 comments

By now, we know that SE staffers love stuffing and you guys love mashed potatoes, but what about the pros? More

Ask A Chef: What's Your Worst Thanksgiving Kitchen Disaster?

Jamie Feldmar 8 comments

We asked about yours a few weeks ago, and now it's the professional's turn. Read on for many mortifying tales, including dropped turkeys and more than a few deep-fried disasters. More

Ask a Chef: What's Your Favorite Way to Cook a Turkey?

Jamie Feldmar 3 comments

Sure, we've got advice on how to cook a turkey from here until next April. But how do the folks who cook for a living like to handle the centerpiece for the biggest home-cooking holiday of the year? We asked 22 chefs for their favorite way to cook a turkey. More

Ask a Chef: What Music Is Playing in Your Kitchen?

Lauren Sloss 7 comments

We are really freaking excited for the first annual Bottle Rock Festival, coming to Napa Valley this week. Featuring an absolutely stellar lineup of musical acts (have I mentioned that The Black Keys are one of my favorite things?) and an equally kick-ass roster of food and drink, Bottle Rock is bringing together the best of the music and Bay Area food worlds. For this special edition of Ask a Chef, we asked some chefs who will be at the festival what tunes get them going in the kitchen. More

Ask a Chef: What's Your Favorite Texas Ingredient?

Melody Fury Post a comment

Austin Food & Wine Festival kicks off its second year tomorrow at the highly anticipated Taste of Texas event. This festival gathers food lovers and chefs from across the country to celebrate the best that Texas has to offer. We asked eight participating chefs and a bartender what Texas ingredients they currently love working with the most. More

Ask a Chef: What's Your Dream Dinner on Valentine's Day?

Erin Zimmer 5 comments

For many chefs, celebrating Valentine's Day on February fourteenth proper isn't even an option. They're undoubtedly slammed in their restaurant kitchens, so this is more of a fantasy question. But it sounds like many of them know exactly what this dream dinner would look like if it could exist. Mac and cheese, caviar, or some Ethiopian doro watt—see what all 10 of our chef-pals said in the slideshow. More

Ask a Chef: Best Gift You've Ever Received?

Erin Zimmer Post a comment

Many chefs already have every kitchen item they could ever possibly need. Tony Maws admits, he'd rather just be gifted Red Sox tickets. But other chefs we asked still prize a sentimental skillet or rare honey they've received over the years. See how 12 chefs answered the "best gift ever" question. More

Ask a Chef: Ham or Roast Beef on the Holiday Table?

Erin Zimmer Post a comment

Some families choose a big roast of beef; others, a glazed ham; and if you're Rick Bayless, it'll be goat birria. We asked some of our chef pals what they're serving on the holiday table. More

Ask a Chef: Favorite Way to Eat Thanksgiving Leftovers?

Erin Zimmer 11 comments

Now that the feast is over, it's time to dig into the leftovers. We asked 17 chefs how they like to clean up the turkey scraps and extra cranberry sauce. Many of them said a leftovers sandwich (classic choice). And the majority of them noted the importance of mayo on said sandwich. More

Ask a Chef: Favorite Dish at Thanksgiving?

Erin Zimmer 1 comment

We already talked to some chefs about how they like preparing the turkey on Thanksgiving. But it sounds like many of them are much more pumped for the sides; particularly the stuffing. More

Ask a Chef: Best Way to Make Turkey on Thanksgiving?

Erin Zimmer 18 comments

Turkey doesn't have to be boring each and every year. When we asked chefs how they like to prepare the bird on Thanksgiving, their responses were anything but boring. Turkey legs stuffed with foie gras and chestnuts; whiskey-brined and roasted; grilled outside to save oven space. We asked 17 of our favorite chefs to talk turkey. Find out how they keep the flavors interesting and the meat juicy. More

Ask a Chef: What's Your Favorite Southern Produce This Time of Year?

The Serious Eats Team 1 comment

The Atlanta Food & Wine Festival, kicking off today and lasting through May 13, is at a time of year when markets in the South are really getting exciting. Nothing like warm-weather produce to put a smile on a chef's face! We asked nine Southern chefs what ingredients they look forward to all year. Check our their favorites in the slideshow above. More

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