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Ask a Chef: What Music Is Playing in Your Kitchen?

We are really freaking excited for the first annual Bottle Rock Festival, coming to Napa Valley this week. Featuring an absolutely stellar lineup of musical acts (have I mentioned that The Black Keys are one of my favorite things?) and an equally kick-ass roster of food and drink, Bottle Rock is bringing together the best of the music and Bay Area food worlds. For this special edition of Ask a Chef, we asked some chefs who will be at the festival what tunes get them going in the kitchen. More

Ask a Chef: What's Your Dream Dinner on Valentine's Day?

For many chefs, celebrating Valentine's Day on February fourteenth proper isn't even an option. They're undoubtedly slammed in their restaurant kitchens, so this is more of a fantasy question. But it sounds like many of them know exactly what this dream dinner would look like if it could exist. Mac and cheese, caviar, or some Ethiopian doro watt—see what all 10 of our chef-pals said in the slideshow. More

Ask a Chef: Best Way to Make Turkey on Thanksgiving?

Turkey doesn't have to be boring each and every year. When we asked chefs how they like to prepare the bird on Thanksgiving, their responses were anything but boring. Turkey legs stuffed with foie gras and chestnuts; whiskey-brined and roasted; grilled outside to save oven space. We asked 17 of our favorite chefs to talk turkey. Find out how they keep the flavors interesting and the meat juicy. More

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