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In a Pickle: Marinated Artichoke Hearts

In a Pickle Marisa McClellan Post a comment

I like using frozen artichoke hearts in pasta and will frequently buy them from the grocery store, marinated in flavorful oil. When presented with artichoke dip, I will not say no. And in the springtime, I do love ordering them lightly fried and dressed with lemon juice from an Italian spot in my neighborhood. But despite this lifelong appreciation for the artichoke, it wasn't until recently that I tried to trim a batch and marinate them myself. And like so many things, doing it myself increased my enjoyment many times over. More

Marinated Artichoke Hearts

Serious Eats Marisa McClellan 3 comments

These marinated artichoke hearts are light, punchy, and so good dropped into a springy pasta salad. More

Marinated Artichoke Hearts

Serious Eats Lucy Baker 5 comments

The bay leaves give these artichokes a subtle woodsy, almost piney flavor, and you can really taste the citrus and spice. They would be perfect in salads, as a pizza topping, or as part of an antipasti platter. This recipe... More

Dinner Tonight: Alton Brown's Baked Oysters with Artichoke and Panko Crumbs

Serious Eats Nick Kindelsperger 8 comments

There are some questionable accounts about what actually goes into the authentic version of Oysters Rockefeller. Just about every recipe I found was different, significantly too. That's how I ended up with this baked oyster recipe from Alton Brown, which makes no attempt to be historically accurate. Luckily, Brown just decided to create a really great baked oyster recipe. More

How to Trim an Artichoke

How To Kumiko Mitarai 17 comments

If you approach the task of trimming an artichoke as if you're delicately pulling at rose petals, yes, it will take a while. But instead, I imagine myself as the owl from the old Tootsie Roll Pop commercials: how many licks does it take to get to the center? A one, a two, a three, chomp. This slideshow will explain two artichoke-trimming techniques: one for whole artichokes, the other for the hearts. More

Dinner Tonight: Mediterranean Tuna Salad on Focaccia

Serious Eats Nick Kindelsperger 4 comments

[Photographs: Nick Kindelsperger] I've been thinking about tuna and artichoke sandwiches ever since I sampled one from Chicago's Red Hen Bread for my Standing Room Only column. I tend to brown bag tuna salad sandwiches weekly, and yet this one... More

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