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Argentinian Brisket With Chimichurri From 'Joy of Kosher'

Cook the Book Kate Williams 2 comments

Brisket is one of the first dishes that comes to mind when I think of kosher meals, and the forgiving cut of beef is one of Jamie Geller's favorites to cook. While there were more traditional preparations in her book, I was drawn to this zippier Argentinian-inspired recipe. More

Stick to the Steak at Buenos Aires in the East Village

New York Nick Solares 2 comments

I am not sure quite what happened to all the value wines that Buenos Aires used to have, nor how such mediocre pasta sits along side such delicious meats, but if you stick to salads and share the mixed grill, you'll eat well here. More

Meet Vendy Award Rookie Finalist Nuchas Empanadas

New York Clay Williams Post a comment

Years ago, on a trip home to Buenos Aires, owner Ariel Barbouth found inspiration for Nuchas in the empanadas that are ubiquitous there but largely absent downtown. He launched the first Kiosk in Times Square in 2011 and last summer took the show on the road with the Nuchas truck. Through it, he serves many varieties of hand-held snacks, including empanadas filled with short rib, shiitake curry, or seafood. More

Market Tours: El Gauchito, an Argentinian Steakhouse and Butcher in Queens

New York Clara Inés Schuhmacher 10 comments

The first hint that you've entered Argentinean/Uruguayan territory is the telephone pole on the corner of Corona Avenue and Junction Boulevard. It's painted blue and white, the colors of the flags of both countries. The second hint? El Gauchito: a butcher/restaurant. Don't be fooled by the seemingly small spot. Inside you'll find enough Argentinean goods to make any hardened expat or recent tourist ecstatic. More

Empanadas and Alfajores at La Nueva Bakery, Jackson Heights

New York Lauren Sloss Post a comment

Tucked away from the hectic bustle of Roosevelt Avenue in Jackson Heights, La Nueva Bakery is well-lit and filled with the lilting sounds of a variety of Spanish accents, the kind of spot where you can order a cafe con leche and sit for hours without any pressure to leave. More

Looking for the Best Alfajores in Queens

New York Sara Markel-Gonzalez 6 comments

Photos: Sara Markel-Gonzales Want More? View more Queens roundups » This week, to celebrate spring, I went on a search for something sweet. A cookie seemed like a good idea—and a South American cookie sounded even better. Alfajores are... More

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