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Essential Buenos Aires: Where to Eat and Drink If You Go to Argentina's Capital

Allie Lazar 15 comments

There aren't many places in the world where you can get down with a juicy piece of grass-fed beef, indulge in a multi-course chef's tasting menu, and drink an excellent bottle of wine, all for under 30 dollars. Oh, Buenos Aires, you are a frugal food lover's paradise. More

Highlights from Tales of the Cocktail On Tour: Buenos Aires

Drinks Marcia Simmons 1 comment

Tales of the Cocktail has been celebrating the art of mixing (and drinking) cocktails in New Orleans for over a decade. The past few years, they've also brought their act on the road to Vancouver, but this year, TOTC headed south to Buenos Aires, Argentina to soak up local cocktail culture and bring a little NOLA to South America. More

Snapshots from Argentina: More Than Malbec in Mendoza

Drinks Maggie Hoffman 3 comments

When I say Argentina, you probably think Malbec, and there's definitely a reason for Argentinian Malbec's popularity. On my recent visit to Mendoza, I did see Malbec everywhere I looked, and I tasted some delicious examples. But there is much more to Argentina than Malbec. What should drink if you're interested in exploring the rest of Argentinian wine? Here are a few other grapes to look out for, and some bottles to seek out, plus some snapshots of the vineyards and many, many varieties of empanadas. More

El Cuartito: Serving Pizza to Buenos Aires Since 1934

Slice Carey Jones 17 comments

Argentina may be known for its steak, but if I had to name another classically Argentinian food, it'd be pizza. El Cuartito, in the Buenos Aires barrio of Recoleta, is one of the oldest pizzerias in the city, founded in 1934; and, according to my tour guide for the week, it's also one of the best. More

Dulce de Leche Oreos: What They Are, What They Should Be

Carey Jones 10 comments

A few weeks ago, in this post on food souvenirs, I mentioned that I'd brought back from Argentina a few packs of dulce de leche Oreos. Sadly, they proved disappointing, not tasting like dulce de leche in the slightest. So we took matters into our own hands. More

Buenos Aires Pizzeria: A Taste of Argentina in Denver

Slice Daniel Zemans 27 comments

Daniel Zemans, our man in Chicago, checks in with another piece of intel from the road, this time in Denver. —The Mgmt. [Photographs: Daniel Zemans] Buenos Aires Pizzeria 1307 22nd Street, Denver CO 80205 (map); 303-296-6710; bapizza.com Pizza Style: Argentine Oven Type: Gas The Skinny: One of the few Argentine pizzerias in the United States has some interesting toppings combinations on a thick crust. Pizzas are good, but the empanadas and gelatos are better Price: 10-inch pies start at $10.25 Once upon a time (late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries) in a land far, far away (Italy), hundreds of thousands... More

Francis Mallmann's Grilling Tips

Lizy Yagoda 5 comments

"Fire was a constant part of growing up for my two brothers and me, and the memories of that home continue to define me." This week's grilling tips come from Francis Mallmann, an Argentinian chef distinguished by his enthusiasm for fire in cooking. In his book, Seven Fires: Grilling the Argentine Way, he describes the ways in which fire is essential to Argentinian identity: "I was through with the fancy sauces... I wanted to create a cuisine based on my Andean heritage. My cuisine became, for want of a better word, barbaric in its attempts to achieve the pinnacle of flavors through the use of fire, whether the massive heat of a bonfire, or the slow steady warmth of dying... More

Buenos Aires Is a So-So Food City

Lizy Yagoda 11 comments

According to Terrence Henry of The Atlantic Food Channel, Buenos Aires leaves much to be desired in terms of food and flavor. He notes that most restaurants use wood-fired grills, which he thinks blanket all foods with similar flavors. He also comments on the lack of variety in the street food available, saying that it is limited to empanadas. Henry writes: A great food city is a place that caters to all manner of the food-obsessed: vibrant street food, affordable ethnic and traditional dining, and highly acclaimed (and more important, highly respected by their peers) destination restaurants. It should have a connection to its seasons and soil (or sea, as the case may be). It should be a place... More

Dear AHT: Where Can I Get a Good Burger in Buenos Aires?

A Hamburger Today Robyn Lee 4 comments

Clicking in to the AHT inbox today, we've got this plea for help to find a good burger in the beef-loving land of Argentina. --The Mgmt. A telling name for frozen burger patties in Argentina? Photograph from shell belle on... More

McDonald's to Offer Olympics-Inspired Menus Around the World

A Hamburger Today Emily Koh 14 comments

To celebrate the upcoming Olympic Games in Beijing, McDonald's is beefing up its menus around the world. The "China Menu" in Colombia and Argentina will offer the Beijing Burger—a patty topped with chop suey and ginger sauce on a bun... More

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