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Time for a Drink: the Periodista

Serious Eats Paul Clarke Post a comment

The Periodista is very easy to love. Starting with the basic rum-lime-sugar building blocks of a daiquiri, the Periodista is gussied up with the addition of two liqueurs: Cointreau, the dry orange liqueur that lends crispness and elegance to most drinks it encounters, and the aforementioned apricot liqueur, which makes the drink richer more alluring. More

A Fresh Look at Apricot Brandy

Drinks Paul Clarke 8 comments

Several years ago, when I first started exploring drink recipes from the early- and mid-20th century, one question kept recurring: exactly what was up back then with all the apricot brandy? It's not an unreasonable question. More

Zombie Cocktail

Serious Eats helenjane 1 comment

[Illustration: Helen Jane Hearn] Zombies are called zombies because they are seriously alcohol laden. According to the original Zombie recipe, there are the equivalent of seven and a half ounces of alcohol in a just one Zombie. This would compare... More

Time for a Drink: The Claridge

Serious Eats Paul Clarke Post a comment

But while the Slope keeps me coming back to the magical interaction between rye whiskey, apricot brandy, and bitter vermouth, the Claridge keeps the stone fruit's appeal alive when it's mixed with gin and dry vermouth. More

Time for a Drink: The Slope

Serious Eats Paul Clarke 2 comments

Similar in approach to the Red Hook, another Brooklyn-themed Manhattan variation, the Slope--named for the borough's Park Slope neighborhood--utilizes an extra-bitter style of vermouth called Punt e Mes, then tempers the bitterness with the stone-fruit sweetness of apricot liqueur. The result is potent, balanced and memorable; an excellent cocktail for a mid-autumn evening. More

Time for a Drink: Nacional

Serious Eats Paul Clarke 1 comment

Riffing on the classic Hotel Nacional cocktail, which uses apricot brandy for a touch of fruity sweetness, Morgenthaler introduced Fee Brothers Peach Bitters to the mix--and it raises the refreshment bar while tossing in another layer of flavor complexity. More

Time for a Drink: Northern Spy

Serious Eats Paul Clarke 3 comments

The Northern Spy is an exceptional cocktail that I hesitate to refer to as a Thanksgiving drink, if for no other reason than I think it's a fine tipple for any time of the season. More

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