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Must-Visit in New Orleans: Cochon

Donald Link's Cochon is at the top of our New Orleans recommendation list. After feasting through the city that never stops partying, we've concluded that bite for bite, it's among the most delicious food that Nola has to offer. More

Apps Only: Nopa in San Francisco

Nopa, often credited with remaking (and re-naming) the Western Addition neighborhood of San Francisco, showcases the glories of California cuisine: an emphasis on seasonal produce, close ties to local farms, and a casual, come-as-you-are vibe. We went for an apps-only meal of fries, calamari, flatbread, little fried fish, and more. More

Apps Only: Fried Lamb Brains and More at Locanda in San Francisco

Our first stop of the San Francisco Apps Only journey was at Locanda, a Roman-inspired osteria on Valencia Street opened by Craig and Annie Stoll of Delfina. We opted to share a handful of antipasti and a 'piccolo' sized dish from the 'quinto quarto' section, then finished off with a pasta. The highlight? A $12 plate of fried lamb brains and artichokes, each nugget delicately battered and well seasoned. More

Apps Only: Summertime Seafood Fix at Mary's Fish Camp

When it gets as hot and muggy as it has been the last couple of weeks in New York, I get seafood on the brain. And while I can't make it to New England for the real deal, there are plenty of options in the city for a quick fix. With a serious hankering for fried clams, I found myself at the counter at Mary's Fish Camp this week, trying to see if I could string together an affordable, satisfying meal, and the West Village institution delivered. More

Apps Only: Tia Pol

You never know if tapas are actually going to be a good deal, so I was a bit apprehensive before visiting Tia Pol for the first time. Turns out that my fears were unwarranted. And the pig's ears would have been worth double what I paid. More

Apps Only: The Cheapskate's Guide to Eating Well

"I can't afford a whole meal there, but I could go for a drink and a snack at the bar." This was the line of thinking that reached its logical conclusion with Apps Only, the column I've written for Serious Eats: New York since the beginning of 2010. What I learned was that not only could I have a snack, but for about $15/person—sometimes more, sometimes less—I could get a filling meal at a place that I otherwise just couldn't afford. Sharing that with the readers of Serious Eats has been a huge pleasure. Now that I've wrapped up my last review, I'd like to share a few lessons I've learned while writing Apps Only. More

Apps Only: Back Forty

The idea for Apps Only came from a number of places, but it crystallized at the bar at Back Forty. I came for the great happy hour deal—half price drinks from 6-8pm, Monday-Thursday—but lingered over fried squid, Greenmarket-driven salads, and the occasional pork shoulder slider. More

Apps Only: Hearth

When my dining companion arrived to meet me at Hearth, Marco Canora's upscale Italian restaurant in the East Village, I was already at work on a cocktail, and the bartender informed us that we could eat there at the bar, or at the pass, where the restaurant has set up bar seats overlooking the open kitchen. Any seat that lets you watch the action in a restaurant's kitchen is the best seat in the house in my book. More

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