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Meet the Serious Eats Magazine Fall Harvest Issue

Want to know how to get the crispest skin and juiciest meat in your roast chicken? We'll show you how. How about tips and techniques for capturing and preserving the flavor of your end-of-summer produce so you can enjoy it year round? It's right here. We've packed the new Fall Harvest issue of the Serious Eats Magazine full of recipes, tips, and techniques. Head over here to download it right now! More

Meet The Serious Eats Magazine Chicken Grilling Issue

The second issue of our handsomely designed new magazine provides answers to the questions that have been stymying backyard grillers for generations: how to cook boneless, skinless chicken breasts on the grill without drying them out; the best kitchen shears for breaking down whole chickens; what kind of bottled barbecue sauce to buy in a pinch, and more. Download it now! More

Delectable 3.0: You Need This Wine App

At its most basic, Delectable serves as an automated wine diary, but it also offers you the option to see what other people are drinking and order bottles of wine. They've released a new version today, and it offers new ways to figure out what wines to try next. More

App Review: Appetites Cooking App for the iPad

Appetites may change the way cooking apps could be created in the future. Instead of step-by-step photo instructions, the iPad app has video instructions shot from the viewpoint of the cook. A person can make a dish at his or her own pace by scrolling to the next video step, which starts seamlessly with no extra prompting. More

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