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Oysters vs. Chocolate: Which Is Sexier?

It will be a two-round championship match between these two popular and alleged aphrodisiacs. In the first round, judges will be fed a three-course meal of oysters, then go home and have sex. In the second round, a three-course meal of chocolate. After each round, judges will rate their arousal and pleasure on a scale of one to ten. Which will take home the belt? More

The World's Most Infamous Aphrodisiacs

Care for something saucy? The Village Voice's Robert Sietsama has a lovely short piece in Salon on the world's most infamous aphrodisiacs: "Even in the U.S., most Jamaican eateries serve up cow cod soup on the weekends, a thick pottage of the bovine member cut up into little gelatinous pieces and mixed with roots and herbs selected for their similar therapeutic effects. This soup is used more for prophylaxis than for remedial purposes, and, come Saturday night, no Jamaican man feels embarrassed about fortifying himself with a serving in full view of the other diners. When you give it a try, wash it down with one of the roots tonics that are available in the same restaurants, and which sport... More

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