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The New Anova Precision Cooker Promises to Be the Best, Most Cost-Effective Sous-Vide Solution on the Market

J. Kenji López-Alt 98 comments

Exciting news in the world of home sous-vide cooking: Anova Culinary has just announced the launch of the Anova Precision Cooker, the first major upgrade to the sous-vide cooker they introduced last year. I visited their studio in San Francisco last week to get an exclusive look at the product, which can be pre-ordered now for only $99 for the first 1,000 orders. I can confidently say that when it comes out in September, it will be the best, most cost-effective consumer-grade sous-vide solution on the market. More

We Test the Anova, Sansaire, and Nomiku Sous-Vide Circulators

J. Kenji López-Alt 96 comments

This year, three new devices—the Sansaire, the Anova, and the Nomiku—designed for sous-vide cookery and targeted at the home cook have been released, all of them available for under $300. But how do the three stack up against each other? For the last few weeks I've been testing all three side by side, cooking with them in every type of situation a home cook is likely to run into (and some they aren't). Here's a feature-by-feature breakdown of the testing. More

Equipment: We Test the $199 Sous-Vide Circulator From Anova

J. Kenji López-Alt 93 comments

The great sous-vide circulator wars of 2013 have officially started. We test out the Anova, the newest competitor to breach the sub-$200 mark for water circulators aimed at the home cook market. How does it stack up to the competition? More

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