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Video: 'Hambuster', Computer Animated Short Film About Man-Eating Burgers

If you ever wondered what life would be like if hamburgers mutated into 10-story tall, bloodthirsty, man-eating monsters, wonder no more: Just watch Hambuster, a vivid computer animated short film (in 2D and 3D) made by five students from Supinfocom in Arles, France. We wouldn't stand a chance against those burgers, basically. (Not safe for those prone to having nightmares about being chased by giant burgers and then being torn limb from limb or eaten alive.) More

Video: Mini Muffins

Mini muffins! Mini muffins! Mini muffins! Mini muffins! ...Pancakes! Pancakes! Tuna sandwich! Tuna sandwich! Eggplant! Eggplant! This will all make sense once you watch this animated short from Muffin Films. More

Video: The Sandwich Movie

"So, Courtney—tell us about the sandwich you made for your brother." This is the charmingly animated story of how far a big sister's love will take her when she has to make a sandwich for her little brother at 5 a.m. Answer: Not that far. But a crummy sandwich fueled by groggy love is better than no sandwich. More

Video: 'Death Buy Lemonade'

This animated short teaches kids two important lessons: 1) Hydrating those in need is more important than making money off your lemonade stand, and 2) Don't mess with Death. More

Video: The Potato Song

It's September! And you know what that means: It's time to celebrate National Potato Month! Because potatoes are awesome. Singer-songwriter Cheryl Wheeler knows what I'm talking about; she wrote a song about potatoes. It goes a little something like this. More

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