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How to Make a Bacon Chicken Narwhal

[Flickr: DiggzDE] This has been floating around the internet for a bit but came across our desks again recently. The next time you're thinking, shoot, I really don't eat enough narwhal-shaped food, here you go. Christopher of the blog Incoherent Ramblings was craving bacon so he decided to make bacon-wrapped chicken, but narwhalify the meal. Check out the recipe and photos. The best step comes at the end: "Pick it up and make it swim through the air. Chase your girlfriend with it. Whatever." Related How to Make Olive Penguins Video: Drunk Fat Cat Baby Pygmy Hippopotamus Wants Lettuce... More

How to Make Olive Penguins

Penguin parts. These are probably meant for six-year olds, but they still provide me with gobs of joy. All you need is a black olive (for the penguin head), a bigger one (for the bulbous bod), a little carrot medallion (with a triangle sliced out for the beak), and a mozzarella ball (or cream cheese works). Extra credit if you can make them an edible igloo. It's pretty self-explanatory but check out mathea.tanner's adorable Flickr photos or if you really need step-by-step instructions, here you go. [Flickr: mathea.tanner] Related: Photo of the Day: Penguin Tteok... More

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