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Video: Bear Pizza Feast

Slice contributor David Kover sent over some BC pizza news earlier this week from the Toronto Sun. Apparently some pizza parlor employees freaked when they saw a bear in the garbage outside (who wouldn't?) and hid, leaving the door to the restaurant open (bad move). Naturally, seeing a golden opportunity, the bear helped himself to a couple of pies, reportedly preferring the beef and blue cheese. Beef and blue cheese doesn't sound good to me. Maybe we should see where Hambone stands on this. More

Video: Hippopotamus Eating a Watermelon

What I think while watching this video of a hippo eating a watermelon: "Whoaaa. Awesome. One bite and it's just...totally destroyed." What a watermelon thinks while watching this video: "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, WHAT THE, NOOOOO [weeps], OH GOD." More

Video: Pig Goes Hog-Wild for Pizza

Stop me if you seen this one before, but the Houston Chronicle recorded this pig herding cows and enjoying some Dr. Pepper with her pizza. Apparently she's "been known to break into the ranch house and raid the refrigerator to messily slurp up raw eggs and leftover pizza." Watch the video after the jump. (For the pizza-eating part, fast forward to 2:47 or so.)... More

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