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The Library at the Public: Your Pre-Theater Dinner Needs Answered

My expectations for a pre-theater restaurant are not particularly high. It's got to be near the theater in question, of course. It's got to be a comfortable place, where I can feel my party and I will be well taken care of. And it's got to be a crowd-pleaser. By all these accounts, The Library at the Public Theater—from Andrew Carmellini and Luke Ostrom (Locanda Verde, The Dutch), together with the longtime partners of Joe's Pub—is a success. More

Downtown Chefs Bring Relief: The NYC Food Flood Dinner

On Wednesday night, chefs Andrew Carmellini, Seamus Mullen, Marco Canora, and George Mendes teamed up at Aldea and threw a dinner for Sandy relief that stands apart from other benefit meals. In a project called NYC Food Flood, the $300-plate dinner raised over $20,000, which the chefs will use to get food to the hardest-hit regions like Red Hook, Staten Island and Breezy Point. More

NYC FoodFlood: Chefs Bring Their Dishes to NYC's Hardest Hit

"All of us wanted to do something, to give back, to help and feed people hit the hardest," George Mendes of ALDEA explains. "We thoughts about cooking and donating the proceeds to charity, but then we realized we wanted to take it one step further—to take those funds, rent a truck, and feed those in need." In the days and weeks following a fundraiser dinner, NYC chefs plan to rent a food truck and take turns driving to the hardest hit parts of the outer boroughs to cook hot food for the people who need it most. More

Cocktails from New York Wine & Food Festival's Astor Hours Event at the Public Theater

The Public Theater was bumping last night for the New York Wine & Food Festival's Astor Hours event. It was one of the first peeks inside the newly revitalized theater space where chef Andrew Carmellini has spiffed out the cocktail menu and added bar snacks and dinner plates. But the focus last night was decidedly on the drinks, and just about everywhere you looked, bartenders were shaking and pouring. More

Andrew Carmellini's Chicken Pot Pie

The stewy filling of Carmellini's Chicken Pot Pie is vegetable-rich with carrots, celery, onions, mushrooms, peas, cremini mushrooms, and new potatoes with chunks of braised chicken legs and a subtle touch of smoke and heat from chipotle Tabasco sauce. When you're finished simmering it, you might be tempted to break out a spoon and call it a day. But it's the crust here that really makes the dish. More

Andrew Carmellini's Fried Chicken

We've been fans of Andrew Carmellini's Fried Chicken for quite a while, seeking it out at Locanda Verde back in '09, scouting it out at the opening of The Dutch earlier this year, and enjoying it waaaay after hours. So needless to say we were thrilled to see the recipe for Carmellini's fried chicken in his newly released American Flavor because it meant that that truly awesome chicken could be ours, all ours, any time we want it. More

Endive, Apple, and Farmhouse Cheddar Salad with Country Ham and Wheat Beer Dressing

There is much to love about this Endive, Apple, and Farmhouse Cheddar Salad with Country Ham and Wheat Beer Dressing from Andrew Carmellini's American Flavor: sharp, tangy cheddar, crisp fall apples, creamy, citrusy wheat beer, and salty slices of country ham all balanced out with leaves of bitter endive and radicchio. All you need to do for a perfect winter lunch is add a slice or two of crusty bread and pour the rest of the beer into a glass. More

Andrew Carmellini's World's Best Biscuits. End of Story.

I've never been able to make a successful batch of biscuits. My botched attempts have reached the double digits. I finally just assumed me and biscuits weren't meant to be. But I reconsidered this notion after coming across a recipe in Andrew Carmellini's American Flavor entitled The World's Best Biscuits—End of Story. Any biscuits with a name like that were certainly worth their weight in flour, buttermilk, and shortening. More

Andrew Carmellini's Lamb Chili with Chickpeas and Raita

This recipe for Lamb Chili with Chickpeas and Raita from Andrew Carmellini's American Flavor brings together two perfect winter warmers: meaty chili and lamb simmered with Indian spices. Served over aromatic basmati rice with a cool and tart cucumber raita, this chili is fusion in the most seamless of ways, blending the heartiness and spice of an American chili with subtle Indian spices, delicate coconut milk, and nutty little chickpeas. More

Cook the Book: 'American Flavor'

Andrew Carmellini's latest cookbook American Flavor covers food from his casual road-tripping around the U.S. to earning his chops in Europe to working his way through the ranks of New York kitchens and eventually opening his own wildly successful and absolutely fantastic restaurants. And his stories are good, just as good as the recipes. We'll be cooking from his new book all week. Enter to win a copy here! More

Brunch at The Dutch: One More Reason To Go

Our ideal late-night food isn't too different from our ideal brunch food—except that there are probably more eggs involved in the latter. On both counts, we're looking for something substantial and soul-satisfying, not too dressed-up, appropriately indulgent, often fried; good cocktails and relaxed service are a plus too. So given how much we liked the late-night menu at The Dutch, Andrew Carmellini's newish Soho restaurant, it's no surprise that we were pretty taken with brunch, as well. More

The Dutch in Soho: Late Night Menu That's Worth Staying Out For

Andrew Carmellini's madhouse of a beautiful new Soho restaurant has crowds that don't quit; and it gets a second wind at 11:00pm, with a late-night-only menu that the chef calls "all the things I want to eat after midnight." That means fried chicken and ribs and burgers, along with some of our favorites from the dinner menu. It may be crowded, it may be noisy, and it may be a little later than you usually eat; but much of the menu is worth staying up for. More

First Look at The Dutch, Andrew Carmellini's New Soho Restaurant

The first time I ever had Andrew Carmellini's cooking was at Cafe Boulud; the man loves all kinds of food, and he has the most restless culinary intellect of any chef I know—so what I most remember about that restaurant was its forays into other cuisines. Carmellini's come full circle at just-opened The Dutch, an explicitly American restaurant which celebrates American cuisine circa 2011. More

A Slice With: Chef Andrew Carmellini

[Photograph: AndrewCarmellini.com] Chefs love pizza too. So we're chatting up chefs from around the country to find out their favorites, their home-pizzamaking habits, and their most beloved childhood pizza memories. First up: Andrew Carmellini of New York's Locanda Verde (and writer of one of my favorite cookbooks, Urban Italian.) What pizzas did you eat and love as a kid? My dad made one with a polenta dough. Not sure where he came up with it but I always liked it. Pizza in south Cleveland was pretty bad. What's the greatest pizza you've had in recent memory? Jay Leno said something... More

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