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Dumbest Allergy Warning Ever

Saw this on Reddit just a bit ago. The eggs at Tesco in Ireland come complete with a label that reads "Allergy Advice: Contains egg." Well, NSS. My guess? I reckon that if it's not explicitly required by Irish law, this warning is the product of an overzealous legal department CYAing like nobody's business.... More

Should Picky Eaters Fake Allergies?

Photograph from Dan4th on Flickr My dad, since day one, decided he hated mayo. Anytime we're at a restaurant, it's the same drill: him asking if mayo is on stuff, him specifying no mayo, and him basically scaring the server so bad, they wouldn't think to put mayo anywhere near him. Secretly, I always want to whisper to the waiter: "He's not really allergic to mayo." Because it's all a lie. He won't break into hives or anaphylactic shock. Yesterday's Washington City Paper broached the same topic: is it wrong to dislike a food, but at restaurants, call it an allergy? Most servers and chefs know your games. They know certain ingredients (like chicken or pepper) aren't likely allergens,... More

Ryanair Flight Makes Emergency Landing Thanks to Soup

A Ryanair flight from Budapest to Dublin was forced into an emergency landing earlier this week, all because of a can of mushroom soup. The can fell from an overhead bin, leaking onto a seated man and causing his neck to swell until he could hardly breathe. Not that allergic reactions are funny or anything, but this did sound like something from the Onion at first.... More

Have Child Food Allergy Sufferers Found Their Erin Brockovich?

I've now read Kim Severson's piece on child food allergy conspiracy theorist Robyn O'Brien twice, and I'm still not sure if O'Brien is a righteous crusader or a nutty zealot. Here's the essence of the story: [O'Brien's] theory—that the food supply is being manipulated with additives, genetic modification, hormones, and herbicides, causing increases in allergies, autism, and other disorders in children—is not supported by leading researchers or the largest allergy advocacy groups. On such an emotionally freighted issue it's hard to figure out who's right and who's wrong. What do Serious Eaters think?... More

Cooking With Kids: Food Allergies in the News

Everyone seems to agree that childhood food allergies are on the rise, and nobody knows why. Newsweek steps in this week with a cover story. For the most part, it's standard news magazine fare: Kick off with a scary anecdote about a kid with a peanut allergy ("When she goes trick-or-treating this week, her candy will be scarier than any costume"), then backpedal in the last few paragraphs and admit that the problem is not actually as widespread as people think it is (only 1 in 100 kids has a peanut allergy—not reassuring at all, of course, if your child is the one). The most interesting research in the article comes from a London researcher, Dr. Gideon Lack, who thinks... More

Fodor's Ten Commandments of Paris Dining

Fodor's introduces its Ten Commandments of Paris Dining by saying "the rituals of dining in Paris are far less complex than, say, in Japan, but observing these few principles will increase your chances of obtaining good service," but I think all except numbers two and ten apply to restaurants all over the planet, and for ten, you really only need to find the appropriate word to use. My favorite is Commandment No. 7, "Thou shalt avoid awkward requests: Salad dressing on the side, omelettes without egg yolks, well-done steaks—when a chef takes pride in his work, these things make him bristle. Try to save this type of request for cafés." From talking to people in the industry, I know... More

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