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Verdelho: The Last Wine I Ever Loved

Drinks Stevie Stacionis 4 comments

Unlike any other wine in the world, Madeira will remain virtually unchanged from the time you open the bottle until the time days, weeks, months, years later when you decide to finish it. This is a long-term relationship. More

Juhfark: A Wild Hungarian Wine to Drink by Candlelight

Drinks Stevie Stacionis 1 comment

"I brought you a Juhfark," a friend announced when she arrived at a party. "Umm, what??" I asked, unsure if she'd just said something inappropriate. More

Devín: Visiting Slovakia By Way of a Little Bottle of Wine

Drinks Stevie Stacionis 4 comments

In many people's minds, the wine world dead-ends right around the eastern borders of Germany and Austria. What lies beyond is just a hazy tangle of Eastern European countries and, somewhere beyond that, Russia, the Middle East and Asia. No wine there. More

Ribolla Gialla: The Rest of A Rare Grape's Story

Drinks Stevie Stacionis Post a comment

There's more to the story of Ribolla Gialla, particularly in the Napa Valley. More

Assyrtiko: Fierce and Delightful Wine for Summer

Drinks Stevie Stacionis 5 comments

Rent control, shment control, it seems. I have to find a new home. In less than 30 days. So I "celebrated" one of my last leisurely days (a.k.a. drowned my sorrows) in my near-and-dear Dolores Park with a bottle of Assyrtiko. More

The Perfect Wine for Pesto Pasta: What Grows Together Goes Together

Drinks Stevie Stacionis 1 comment

Finding a perfect wine to drink with with pesto is a real challenge. You need something punchy enough to stand confidently against sharp herbs and garlic, yet textured and salty to complement all that Parmesan and the creaminess of the pine nuts. More

Žlahtina: The Perfect Under-$20 Wine For Oysters

Drinks Stevie Stacionis 2 comments

I'd been hiding this quirky, slender, delicious looking bottle in the fridge for a special occasion. I don't mean a fancy dinner or holiday, or even an evening with important company. I mean a special occasion... Enter: the northern California coast, where there are fresher-than-fresh oysters available just footsteps away, doled out by the bag-full with little accompaniment besides sunshine and a shucking knife. More

Hondarribi Zuri: A Wine Grape for Celebration-Enhancing Purposes

Drinks Stevie Stacionis 1 comment

Basque locals traditionally drink the stuff out of a bulbous, pointy spouted, awesomely crowd-friendly pitcher called a porrón held high above one's head. More

The 'Unfashionable' Semillon Grape Gets Dirty and Rowdy in Napa

Drinks Stevie Stacionis 3 comments

"Semillon is not a fashionable variety," announces Wine Grapes. "Nowhere outside Sauternes," the book continues, "does there seem to be a groundswell of enthusiasm for this noble variety." Time for a re-write, Wine Grapes. More

Affordable Italian Wine: Argiolas Perdera from Sardinia

Drinks Stevie Stacionis Post a comment

Confession: I love a recipe from the Campbell's soup website. It calls for simmering chicken breasts in creamy stock, balsamic vinegar, sundried tomatoes, oregano, and kalamata olives. You sprinkle the whole thing with feta cheese and serve it up over orzo. I've eaten this dish with plenty of different wines that were all... fine. California Pinot Noir was overwhelmed; a northern Italian Barbera was bright but not bold enough; New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc made it feel like everything was fighting. But last week, I found the perfect match. More

Furmint, Hárslevelü, Szamorodni: Wine as Weird As It Comes

Drinks Stevie Stacionis 3 comments

I was sure that Pascaline Lepeltier would share a great new Chenin Blanc with me—she's obsessed with the grape, and she shares a hometown with its native stomping grounds in the Loire Valley in France. But she giggled over, eyes ablaze with a sense of mischief and excitement. A small, somewhat oddly shaped bottle appeared, and out poured the most incredible, fascinating, beautiful and bizarre wine I've had in a long while. More

Zweigelt: Wine Worth Your Sausage

Drinks Stevie Stacionis 5 comments

It was Valentine's Day. We were having "girls' night in." And we hadn't realized until that moment how clever we were to make sausage stew for dinner. The punchlines were flowing, and we hadn't even really begun drinking yet. More

Ruchè: Give Your Valentine Roses and Drink Them, Too

Drinks Stevie Stacionis 4 comments

A while back, I mentioned having met my 'sexy bartender boyfriend' at my old waitressing job. Seven years later, the sexy bartender and I got married. And so with Valentine's Day looming, I thought I'd tell you about one of our most perfect recent dates and suggest to you one of the most perfect date wines. More

Terrano: When A Wine's Beauty is All You Need to Know

Drinks Stevie Stacionis Post a comment

If you happen to fall in love with wine, you should prepare to spend most of your life confused, constantly humbled, relearning over and over again what you thought you'd already grasped. I suppose, in some ways, this is similar to falling in love with a person. More

Bianchello: Wine for a Weeknight Wind-Down

Drinks Stevie Stacionis 1 comment

The end of a twelve-hour workday calls for a glass of wine, a quesadilla made in the microwave and the TV remote at the ready. Don't bother me, and please don't force me to think about anything. Every grape has its occasion, and Bianchello is perfect for exactly this. More

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