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A Sandwich a Day: Italian Picnic at Olio in Richmond, VA

A Sandwich a Day Jay Friedman Post a comment

The sandwich features a generous portion of freshly sliced, house-roasted turkey that's nice and moist. Granny Smith apples add crunchiness, their sweetness combining with that of the fig jam to be a good counterbalance to the Tallegio cheese. The cheese melts slightly on the fresh-baked, warm baguette, which is slathered with garlic aioli spread for extra zing. More

A Sandwich a Day: The Jive Turkey at Kraftsmen Café

A Sandwich a Day Mike Riccetti 2 comments

The multi-colored Jive Turkey at Kraftsmen Cafe in Houston might be a bit funky, but it is a terrific sandwich. More

Classic Club Sandwich

Serious Eats María del Mar Sacasa Post a comment

The classic club includes toast, turkey, bacon, lettuce, tomato, and mayo. No changes or additions necessary. Here it is. More

A Sandwich a Day: The Turkey Club Panini at Ingredients in Cincinnati

Laura Arnold Post a comment

Ingredients is located in the lobby of the Westin hotel, right across from Fountain Square. The menu has not changed much in four years, and why should it? The restaurant is insanely popular for downtown office workers during lunch. From 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m., the line for their salad bar is impressively long. And while salads are nice and all, I say skip the line (and the wait!) and get yourself my favorite sandwich, the turkey club panini. More

Panera's New Roasted Turkey and Cranberry Panini Is a Tasty Ripoff

Will Gordon 33 comments

I've tried Panera's coffee, bagels, and smoothies before with results that were mixed leaning toward good, but until last week I'd never eaten one of their sandwiches. For $9, Panera's new Roasted Turkey and Cranberry Panini comes with turkey breast, garlic-herb cheese spread, cranberry mostarda, and baby spinach on ciabatta. But is it really worth $9? More

A Sandwich a Day: Smoked Turkey from Bradley's Pit Bar-B-Q and Grill in Sweetwater, TN

A Sandwich a Day Jed Portman 1 comment

Now I recognize smoked turkey for what it is: a glimmering third or fourth way to barbecue, a whole new world of smoke-and-meat flavor for the open-minded pitmaster or barbecue connoisseur. The sandwich comes with lettuce, tomato, and onion—don't take any of it, at Bradley's or elsewhere. The meat needs room to talk. More

A Sandwich A Day: Turkey and Avocado Croissant at Zanzibar Café in San Diego, CA

A Sandwich a Day Erin Jackson Post a comment

In the East Village, Zanzibar Café serves a few important purposes. It's an early morning fuel station for espresso-based drinks on the sidewalk patio, a midday lunch spot, and the bakery case has assuaged many late afternoon/early evening sugar cravings. There are over a dozen options for sandwiches, ranging from curried chicken salad to Mediterranean vegetable, but I struck gold with the turkey and avocado croissant ($9.95). More

A Sandwich a Day: Turkey Reuben from Mother's Bistro in Portland, OR

A Sandwich a Day Laurie Wolf 4 comments

My absolute favorite sandwich at Mother's, and it's a tough call, is the turkey reuben with house roasted turkey on grilled country bread, melted Swiss, sauerkraut, and Thousand Island dressing. I wouldn't pass up their traditional version with tender, perfect corned beef, but the turkey Swiss combo always hits the spot. More

A Sandwich a Day: Turkey Rillettes at Zoë

New York Carey Jones Post a comment

We've already met the turkey tonnato at Zoë, proving that the restaurant is fond of using that meat in different ways. Here to further that point: the turkey rillettes ($10). More

A Sandwich a Day: Turkey Tonnato at Zoë

New York Carey Jones Post a comment

The bad thing about turkey is that it often doesn't contribute much flavor to a sandwich. But the good thing about turkey is that, due to its mildness, it can take on plenty of stronger flavors. More

A Sandwich a Day: The Touchdown at City 75

New York Lauren Sloss 1 comment

From the outside, City 75 looks like one of those buffet/sandwich counter/pizza by the slice places on every block in Midtown. Their distinguishing feature? They roast a whole turkey every day for lunch service. More

A Sandwich a Day: Roast Turkey from Lovejoy Bakery in Portland, OR

A Sandwich a Day Laurie Wolf 1 comment

Though the roast beef with caramelized onions and cheddar is damn good, their turkey sandwich has to be my favorite. Roast turkey with avocado, bacon, mascarpone and housemade cranberry chutney is a winning combination of tart and sweet, crunchy and chewy. It comes on their housemade sourdough levain bread. It's one of those sandwiches that calls to you as soon as you walk in. More

San Francisco: 7 Turkey Sandwiches We Love

Carrie Vasios Mullins 4 comments

Do we really have to wait a whole year before another Thanksgiving leftovers sandwich? No, no you don't. From deli sandwiches piled high with sliced turkey breast to trumped up incarnations of Thanksgiving on a bun, there's a sandwich for every turkey mood on this list. More

A Sandwich a Day: Roasted Turkey at Oxley's Carvery

New York James Boo Post a comment

More than the sum of its parts, the final product is a messy but satisfying nod to the best of life's leftovers. More

A Sandwich a Day: The Nobadeer and the Dionis at Jetties in D.C.

A Sandwich a Day Abbey Becker 5 comments

D.C. isn't a city known for its sandwiches, really. Some believe Potbelly is the definition of an excellent sandwich (see Yelp for confirmation). It's possible this is the case because a stellar exception to the rule, Jetties, is too far from a Metro station for most Washingtonians. Their sandwiches are so good, I had to review two. Their most popular one, the Nobadeer ($8.95), is a giant, classic Thanksgiving leftovers sandwich. More

A Sandwich a Day: The Bobbie at Capriotti's in Wilmington, DE

A Sandwich a Day Carrie Vasios Mullins 17 comments

Capriotti's is known for the Bobbie ($7.25), their signature Thanksgiving-leftovers sandwich. Who doesn't love a non-November opportunity to eat this style of sandwich? The combination of turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing, and bread is all held together with a dab of mayo. The big draw is that Capriotti's roasts their turkey in-house. Unlike sliced deli turkey, the shredded chunks of bird actually mingle with the other components instead of forming a slimy flavor barrier. More

A Sandwich a Day: Turkey Club at Le Petit's Kitchen in San Francisco

A Sandwich a Day Lauren Sloss 2 comments

We like to think of the Tenderloin as being filled with some of the best food-secrets of San Francisco. Sandwiches are no exception. Take Le Petit's Kitchen, a nondescript sandwich shop that could easily pass as your run-of-the-mill lunch spot. Until you look at the menu, that is, and see broadcast across the top in all CAPs: WE BAKE OUR OWN SOURDOUGH. Magic words to any San Franciscans eyes. More

A Sandwich A Day: Roasted Turkey Sandwich From Stellina

New York Shell Tu Post a comment

It's a compact, neatly layered creation on buttermilk bread, with a deeply flavorful (and markedly sweet) jam of shallot and bacon. More

A Sandwich a Day: Turkey at Blue Barn Gourmet, San Francisco

A Sandwich a Day Lauren Sloss 5 comments

There's something undeniably satisfying about a really good turkey sandwich, and the Turkey ($8.50) at Blue Barn Gourmet is exactly that. Simple and classic, the combination of juicy roasted turkey breast with goat cheese, pesto aioli, a pile of crisp watercress, and sun-dried tomatoes tastes fresh with a hint of richness. More

Serious Eats Sandwich Festival Profile: Turkey Sandwich from Torrisi Italian Specialties

New York The Serious Eats Team 2 comments

We'll be sharing profiles on all the delicious sandwiches, desserts, and drinks you'll find at the Serious Eats All-Star Sandwich Festival from now until the big day. Today the spotlight's on the "Panama," a turkey sandwich from Torrisi Italian Specialties. Hungry yet? Obvious next question, have you bought your tickets yet? More

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