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Standing Room Only: Sprinkles

Chronicling Chicago's stand culture usually means that I find myself at some joint every week stuffing my face with hot dogs, Italian beefs, or both at the same time. But not this week. Oh no. This time I wore my stain-free clothes and set out for Sprinkles in the Gold Coast. More

BraveTart: Make Your Own Chocolate Sprinkles

Last year, Robyn taught us about a magical place called the Netherlands where people enjoy life so much that they crown even the most mundane food, buttered bread, with hagelslag (chocolate sprinkles). I don't know how this practice began, but I'd like to think that the people of the Netherlands have a sweeter constitution and dessert in the evening alone can't sustain them. To survive the long, dangerous hours between breakfast and dessert, they take chocolate vitamins to tide them over. More

Confetti Cookies

These Confetti Cookies are made for unabashed sprinkles lovers. The teeny multicolored bits make their way into these chewy snickerdoodle inspired cookies by way of crunchy-sweet Birthday Cake Crumb and into the dough where they melt and tie dye the insides of these oversized cookies. More

Poll: Do You Call Them Jimmies or Sprinkles?

Suckers vs. lollipops, subs vs. hoagies. It's these regional differences in food nomenclature that can drive endless discussions. But what about those colorful bits of sugar that decorate your ice cream cone? Whether you like them as rainbow as a pride flag, or in shades of chocolate only, do you call them jimmies or sprinkles? Take the poll! » More

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