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Bake the Book: S'mores Cake

Sweets Emma Kobolakis 8 comments

Not all of us were Boy Scouts, but we know a s'more when we see one. Say It With Cake has built a super-sized version with whipped ganache and a sturdy Swiss meringue. It even gets toasted under the torch. More

S'mores Cake

Serious Eats Emma Kobolakis 1 comment

A giant version of the campfire classic. Say It With Cake sandwiches whipped ganache and Swiss meringue between layers of white cake. More

Dominque Ansel Bakery Now Torching Frozen S'mores

New York Niko Triantafillou 8 comments

The world's dessert-spotlight is currently still trained squarely on Dominique Ansel, who's made quite clear that there's more to his shop than cronuts. So what's next? How about a torched-to-order frozen s'more. More

Chocoholic: Easy No-Bake Indoor S'mores Bars

Sweets Yvonne Ruperti Post a comment

Take the campfire inside with these toasty marshmallow treats. More

Easy Indoor No Bake S'more Bars

Serious Eats Yvonne Ruperti 4 comments

Take the campfire inside with these toasty marshmallow treats. More

Matzo 'Crack' S'mores

Serious Eats Alexandra Penfold Post a comment

Marshmallow s'mores sandwiches made with caramel and chocolate-coated matzo crack. More

From The Pastry Dungeon: S'mores Rice Krispie Treats

Sweets Anna Markow Post a comment

In the dessert world, fads are generally fueled by good old fashioned nostalgia. I captured the flavor of a classic campfire s'more in another classic, Rice Krispie Treats. More

S'mores Krispie Treats

Serious Eats Anna Markow Post a comment

With only a couple of extra steps you can make rice krispie treats that taste just like s'mores. More

American Classics: Golden Grahams S'mores Bars

Sweets Alexandra Penfold Post a comment

It will be a good long while before I'm in front of a fire pit armed with marshmallow for roasting, but my desire for hibernation doesn't necessarily need to conflict with my yearning for s'mores—especially when I can make s'mores bars easily at home. More

Golden Grahams S'mores Bars

Serious Eats Alexandra Penfold 4 comments

Yup, these gooey cereal bars of your childhood taste just as good now as they did then. More

Max and Eli Sussman's S'mores with Maple-Bourbon Marshmallows

Kate Williams 5 comments

Marshmallows are one of the most rewarding confections to make at home. The process is easy once you get over the fear of cooking sugar, and the transformation of syrup to pillowy treat is incredible to watch every time. Throw in some bourbon and maple syrup as Max and Eli Sussman suggest in This is a Cookbook, and you've got an even better adult-style treat. More

Max and Eli Sussman's S'mores with Maple-Bourbon Marshmallows

Serious Eats Kate Williams 2 comments

Throw some bourbon and maple syrup into homemade marshmallows as Max and Eli Sussman suggest in This is a Cookbook, and you've got an excellent adult-style treat. The brothers take their marshmallows one step further by incorporating them into a year-round take on s'mores (with ganache instead of Hershey's). These are no girl-scout dessert--they're boozy, sweet, and the sheer size of the marshmallows will gleefully turn even the most resolute health nut on the path to diabetes--but they're totally worth it. More

Happy National S'mores Day!

Sweets Carrie Vasios Mullins 1 comment

It's one of our favorite days of the year: national S'mores Day! Check out these recipes, and more, to celebrate. More

Cookie Monster: Campfire Cookies

Sweets Carrie Vasios Mullins 3 comments

These cookies bring s'mores to your oven. A graham cracker cookie base is mixed with chunks of chocolate and marshmallows. More

Campfire Cookies

Serious Eats Carrie Vasios Mullins 3 comments

These chunky campfire cookies include all your summer s'mores ingredients: chopped up Hershey's bars, graham crackers, and marshmallows. More

5 Tasty Ways to Add Peanut Butter to S'mores

That's Nuts Lee Zalben 10 comments

Chocolate, marshmallows, and graham crackers—three flavors that are all delicious with peanut butter. So why not use peanut butter to dress up your s'mores? More

Considering the Supermarket S'more

Sweets Molly Goldman 11 comments

When we tried the new s'more-flavored Jello Pudding at Serious Eats Headquarters last week, it all came back to me. We started wondering how we might feel about those childhood s'mores snacks now. Do they actually taste like s'mores? Does it matter? More

Pie of the Week: S'mores Pie

Sweets Lauren Weisenthal 2 comments

I can't so much as type the word s'more without my mind wandering off to a happy place. That's because s'mores aren't just about the sweet satisfaction of devouring chocolate, graham, and molten, charred marshmallow—they're about the ritual that gets you there and the fun you were having at the time. And while it's impossible to re-create the smoky nostalgia of a true s'mores experience, I submit a riff on s'mores, in pie form, that will take you most of the way there. More

S'mores Pie

Serious Eats Lauren Weisenthal 7 comments

This s'mores pie can't recreate the experience of hanging out around the campfire with your friends, but it does come close. From the graham cracker crust to the luscious chocolate filling and the bruleed marshmallow topping, it's the next best thing to an actual s'more. More

Cakespy: S'more Pop-Tart Drop Cookies

Sweets cakespy 2 comments

Let me introduce what is bound to become a new classic: The Chocolate Drop S'mores Pop-Tart Cookie. It's a mouthful in more ways than one, a taste so wholly unholy that while part of you may cry—no, most of you will cry for s'more. More

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