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Classic Burgers Outside Minneapolis at Lions Tap

A Hamburger Today Noah Arenstein 8 comments

Lions Tap serves the classic ideal of a burger (described as a "purist's favorite" on the menu) and is better for it. More

A Sandwich a Day: Sun Street Bread's Basic Biscuit Plus in Minneapolis

A Sandwich a Day Liz Bomze 3 comments

Besides rustic loaves and pastries, Sun Street Breads is known for its biscuits, many of which get split and transformed into breakfast sandwiches. More

Minnesota Casino Breaks World Record with 1-Ton Cheeseburger

A Hamburger Today Robyn Lee 18 comments

It's the moment some people have been waiting for: the Guinness record for world's biggest burger in a one-off event has been broken. Black Bear Casino Resort in Carlton, Minnesota, served the record-breaking 2,014-pound, 10-foot-diameter bacon cheeseburger on Sunday at their Big Burger Bash event. More

Minneapolis: Pondering Pizza at Mozza Mia

Slice Daniel Zemans 2 comments

Several weeks ago, Ed raised the question of whether a serious pizza-maker could have more than two great pizzerias. I found myself revisiting that question and some related ones on a recent trip to Mozza Mia outside Minneapolis. The pizzeria, from a very corporate restaurant group with little, if any, background in pizza, puts out pies with very good and creative toppings, but on a crust that falls a bit short. More

Minneapolis: Surprise Winner in the Battle of Juicy Lucys Between 5-8 Club and Matt's Bar

A Hamburger Today Daniel Zemans 44 comments

I went to Minneapolis eager to weigh in on the longstanding battle between Matt's Bar and 5-8 Club for Juicy Lucy supremacy. Both places had their strong points, but picking a winner turned out to be surprisingly easy. More

Minneapolis: Pizzeria Lola Shines in the Twin Cities

Slice Daniel Zemans 4 comments

One of the most exciting parts of the pizza boom that's swept the nation is seeing people well into careers that have nothing to do with food giving it all up to pursue their pizza dreams. Ann Kim was a professional actress when the pizza bug bit her. She followed her pizza dreams and Minneapolis is better off because of it. More

Minneapolis: Dull Flavors Trump the Hype at Black Sheep

Slice Daniel Zemans 16 comments

No pizzeria in Minnesota has gotten more hype than Black Sheep. I walked in excited to see the best of what the state has to offer. But muted flavors and some problems in execution meant that I would walk out disappointed. More

A Sandwich A Day: Pork Loin at Manny's Tortas in Minneapolis

A Sandwich a Day Jenny Lee-Adrian 1 comment

Thin slices of pork loin sizzle on a flat top as the cook at Manny's Tortas douses the meat with seasoning salt. The pork loin torta ($7.45) is available at both locations of the popular Minneapolis takeout restaurant, which offers ten tortas total, from steak to Hawaiian. More

Minneapolis: Camel Burger at Safari Express

A Hamburger Today Jenny Lee-Adrian 8 comments

Jamal Hashi, the 29-year-old chef/co-owner of Safari Express, introduced the camel burger last year at the East African takeout restaurant Safari Express in the Midtown Global Market. Known as the "king's meat," camel is reserved for weddings and other special occasions in East Africa, said Hashi, who was born in Somalia and came to the United States when he was 11 years old. He decided to offer a camel burger after getting an overwhelming response from Minnesota State Fair goers who were curious enough to try "Camel on a Stick." More

Video: Behind the Scenes at Lorentz Meats, a Processing Plant in Minnesota

Daniel Klein 2 comments

Lorentz Meats in Cannon Falls, Minnesota, is on the small side, but it's growing. The small-is-beautiful types think Lorentz is getting too big, but the company is touted as one of the most efficient, clean, and successful processing plants in Minnesota, and widely used by small farms. I visited the plant last year. Not wanting to delve too deep into the politics of meat processing, my approach was more focused on the actual butchering process. This episode is more of an informative music video. More

The United States of Pizza: Minnesota

Slice Aaron Landry 52 comments

Minnesota is a pizza melting pot. The Minnesota spin on classic Midwest-style pizza is usually thin crust, cut tavern-style into square pieces, usually leaning heavily on cheese. There's often some grease to pat off. But starting in the 1990s, numerous other pizza styles started to show up across the state. Here's our guide to where to eat pizza in the North Star State. Add your suggestions in the comments! More

Blogwatch: 'Heavy Table' on Pizzeria Lola, Minneapolis

Slice Adam Kuban 9 comments

If you follow pizza geekery in general or pizza in the Twin Cities specifically, you may know Aaron Landry, the Slice Sage of Minneapolis–Saint Paul. When this guy talks pizza, I listen. He pinged me about Pizzeria Lola saying, "I've been three times and it's quite solid. An out-of-the-blue fantastic add to the Minneapolis pizza scene." More

48-Inch Pizza from Randy's Premier Pizza

Slice Adam Kuban 9 comments

If you missed last night's episode of the Food Network's Outrageous Food, which featured Randy's Premier Pizza of Oakdale, Minnesota, here's a picture of owner Randy Hueffmeier (right) making the giant "nine-person" pizza with the show's host, Tom Pizzica. More

A Pint With: Todd Haug, Surly Brewing Co.

Drinks Maggie Hoffman 6 comments

I've been a fan of Surly Brewing Co. ever since my friend Lee of Hoptopia gave me one of his precious cans of Furious, an intensely brisk IPA with some rich Scottish malt thrown into the mix. (Thanks, Lee.) Who's behind this awesome Minnesota beer? A rock star. Literally. More

NFL Playoffs Serious Eats-Style: Which Food Cities Rule Off the Field?

Ed Levine 30 comments

We'll let the players settle football bragging rights on the field, but we can judge which city reigns supreme when it comes to serious vittles. So without further adieu, here's the NFL playoffs, Serious Eats style. More

Burger Jones Names Burger After Pilots

A Hamburger Today Robyn Lee Post a comment

In response to Monday's incident of when two pilots landed on Lake Calhoun in Minneapolis to get a burger at Burger Jones, the restaurant will name a burger after the pilots called The Mile High Club burger. Proceeds from the... More

Two Pilots Land on a Frozen Lake for Burgers

A Hamburger Today Robyn Lee 5 comments

[Photograph: Jennifer Simonson, Star Tribune] Yesterday afternoon, two pilots landed their planes on frozen Lake Calhoun in Minneapolis to grab burgers at Burger Jones. Not knowing it was illegal to land there, they received tickets for parking illegally, reports WCCO.... More

From Serious Eats Talk: 'Where Can I Find Good Local Pizza in Minnesota?'

Slice Adam Kuban Closed

On Slice parent site Serious Eats, smile asks: We've just recently moved to Minnesota and can't seem to fulfill our pizza craving. There are tons of pizza places but we don't know which ones to try anymore because every pie we've ordered here has a set of characteristics that don't seem right to us:1. A round pizza cut into 30-40 tiny, unequal pieces2. Paper thin crust that feels like wet cardboard3. Toppings under the cheese4. Cheese in a seemingly disproportional amount (maybe because of the crust) that slides down your throat while you're still chewing on it like taffyWe've asked... More

Burger Jones' 'Meat It Or Beat It' Challenge

A Hamburger Today Robyn Lee 3 comments

[Photograph: Burger Jones] At Burger Jones in Minneapolis, crazy/suicidal eaters can take the Meat It or Beat It challenge: If you finish the Meat Your Maker burger in less than an hour, you win "an exclusive, open-casket-quality T-shirt" and/or $20... More

What to Eat for Breakfast at the Minnesota State Fair

Robyn Lee 1 comment

Hooray for foods on sticks! [Photographs: Lori Writer at Heavy Table] If you need direction on what to each for breakfast at the Minnesota State Fair, running from now until September 7, Heavy Table has you covered with their guide to the fair's breakfast choices. Whether you want something on a stick (chocolate-dipped waffles and bacon slabs, anyone?) or would rather eat sitting down (french toast, scrambled eggs, etc.), they give over 15 recommendations on where to get your morning sweets and savories. I'm glad that cream puffs count as breakfast. (You can also search for specific food items at the Fairborne's Fabulous Fair Food Finder.) Related In Videos: Foods on a Stick at the Minnesota State Fair What's... More

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