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Vegetarian Mapo Tofu with Peas

"Pock-Marked Mother's Bean Curd," the translation of the name mapo tofu, gives a good indication of the homey, comforting nature of this dish, which tastes just like something Mom would make, if Mom were Chinese and an excellent cook. This vegetarian version omits the beef or pork, instead adding in some bright green peas. More

Cook the Book: Turkey with Spicy Black Beans in Tofu Dumplings 

Turkey with Spicy Black Beans in Tofu Dumplings is Anita Lo's adaptation of two favorite Chinese dishes, mapo tofu and steamed dumplings. By stuffing little rounds (or squares) of tofu with ground turkey mixed with scallions, fermented black beans, and doban djan, a Sichuan chile sauce, and steaming them, she's created little self contained packages filled with all of the salty, spicy flavors that make mapo tofu so irresistible. More

Mapo Tofu, When Low-Brow Just Hits the Spot

I'm a mapo tofu fiend. It's easily my last-meal dish, particularly when it's the real deal—packed with mouth-numbing Sichuan peppercorns brooding under a slick of red hot chili oil. But just as sometimes you're willing to give up the microbrew in exchange for an ice cold tall boy of flavorless-in-a-good-way PBR, there are times when I get a craving for heat-n-serve Japanese-style mapo tofu from a pack. More

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