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Upgraded Lemon Drop

The Lemon Drop was one of the most popular cocktails in the US in the later part of the 20th century. It should follow a simple formula of spirit, lemon, and sweetener, but sadly, in many bars the drink disintegrated into a candied mess. It's time to give the Lemon Drop the glory it deserves. More

Sunny Meyer Lemon Tart

When a slice of lemon meringue pie seems like just a little too much, consider this tart as an alternative. With the same buttery crust, filled with an intense Meyer lemon curd and topped with just enough bruleed meringue, it's a moderate and elegant way to enjoy the bright flavor of Meyer lemon. More

Cookie Monster: Lemon Polenta Cookies

My work desk sits in front of a window which overlooks a private court. The court is ringed by houses with decks and back yards (this is San Francisco), and one of those yards holds the most fertile lemon trees I've ever encountered. Or maybe I've just never had the chance to watch a lemon tree grow, hour by hour, day by day, as if in a super-extended time lapse video, but those things produce a ton of fruit. More

7 Lemon Sweets We Love in Los Angeles

With their delicious ability to combine sweet and tart, I crave lemon sweets all year round. But they're especially welcome in the spring, when my taste buds are craving light, refreshing treats after a winter of heavy eating. The bakeries of Los Angeles are in tune with my thinking. Everywhere from cupcakeries to pie shops have lemony sweets on their menu. Here are 7 that we love. More

DIY Sour Mix

The true beauty of making this mix is having a fresh, versatile, and easy cocktail mixer for parties. There's no reason to buy sour mix when in 10 minutes you could hand-make something that's infinitely more delicious. More

Pie of the Week: Shaker Lemon Pie

If the idea of cutting up whole lemons and using them (flesh, pith and peel), as a pie filling causes you to pucker involuntarily, then you're not alone. And yet, as caustic as they may sound, whole lemons, sliced very thin, are the main ingredient in a classic Shaker Lemon Pie, which, with the help of a good amount of sugar and some eggs, makes for a unique and totally delicious treat. More

Lemon Meringue Pie

This is a great recipe for a classic lemon meringue pie, with just a slight twist. Instead of a raw French meringue topping, it has one made of Swiss meringue instead. I think the texture is better with the Swiss Meringue, but it's important to only make the meringue just before you plan to serve it, or else it will get rubbery on top. More

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