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Kosher Revolution's Middle-Eastern Zucchini Cakes with Tahini Sauce

For a holiday that lasts eight nights, there really isn't all that much variation in traditional Hanukkah fare. Latkes and jelly doughnuts are great and all but after the second or third night, we're looking for a little something different. Luckily, the latke is a recipe that lends itself to all sorts of improvisation, just take a look at these Middle-Eastern Zucchini Cakes with Tahini Sauce from Kosher Revolution. More

Old Fashioned Latkes

Great latkes take some time and preparation, but with the right technique and tools are easy to master. If you need to store them for later service, let them drain, then stash them in a 200°F oven with the door slightly ajar for no more than two hours. More

Brandade Potato Latkes

Since I was on the prowl for Hanukkah recipes in Joan Nathan's Quiches, Kugels, and Couscous, a good latke was the first order of business. Nathan has three different potato pancake preparations in the book, but for me, these Brandade Potato Latkes truly capture the spirit of a French-accented Hanukkah celebration. The recipe combines brandade, a whipped cod spread popular in the South of France with a mashed potato latke. More

Pumpkin Potato Latkes

What's a Hannukah dinner without latkes? Exactly! While it's a little bit tricky to serve them all at once, and chances are you'll be cooking them as people are eating them (nothing like a fresh, hot, lacy-crisp latke in your hand!), you'll get rave reviews and demands for seconds, and maybe thirds. I decided to add pumpkin to these, and don't regret it. More

Simple Matzo Meal Latkes

With Passover coming up, we wanted to know what Arthur Schwartz (author of Jewish Home Cooking and many other wonderful cookbooks) likes to do with a box of Matzo Meal. He shared this recipe, a humble one, he says, that rarely appears in cookbooks. Whenever matzo meal latke recipes are published, they're gussied up in some way—apples are added, sugar and spice is added, grated lemon peel. You get the picture. But these are simple. More

The Best Potatoes for Latkes

Russet vs. Yukon Gold: Does it really matter? Russet potato. [Flickr: sea turtle] [Photograph: kitchenhacker.net] Po-tate-oh, po-tot-oh? Or do you believe certain types of potatoes make better latkes than others? According to kitchenhacker.net, between Russet and Yukon Gold, it all came down to nostalgia: The Yukon Gold had a bit more of a yellow color to them, but other than that I couldn't really tell them apart by sight. I am generally a fan of Yukon Gold potatoes, but I was worried that they wouldn't fry up as nicely as the Russets (of which I am less of a fan). The consistency of the two latkes, though, was remarkably similar. They each had a crispy browned outside and a creamy... More

Mixed Review: Manischewitz and Gefen Potato Latkes

"No self-respecting bubbe would be caught dead with a store-bought latke mix." Manischewitz (left), homemade (center), Gefen (right). [Photographs: Lucy Baker] I think we can all agree that boxed mixes for latkes are completely unnecessary. If you can't grate a couple of potatoes and an onion, beat in an egg, add a few tablespoons of flour (or matzo meal), and fry the mixture in a skillet, then you don't have much business being in the kitchen. But latke mixes do exist, and each year around Hanukkah they begin to pop up on grocery store shelves alongside bottles of sweet Kedem wine and mesh bags of chocolate gelt. Last weekend I made a trip out to a kosher grocery store on... More

Arthur Schwartz's Potato Latkes

[Photograph: Lisa F. Young; Shutterstock] Today's recipe from this week's featured cookbook, Arthur Schwartz's Jewish Home Cooking, is for Potato Latkes. You basically couldn't write a book by that title or blog about it without highlighting these little fried potato... More

Serious Sandwiches: Junior's Latke Sandwich

Well, today is the last day of Hanukkah. The eighth and final candle was lighted last night, and the only question that remains is what to do with any leftover latkes. To solve this one, I will go back to my time-tested formula. Item of leftovers + the word sandwich + exclamation point = delicious treat. Put this one through the machine, and voila: latke sandwich!... More

Latke Larry Dancing Doll

To further Ed's latke mania today, meet Latke Larry. He sings, dances, and kvells. $17.95 plus shipping. Heck, if Elmo can sing about pizza, why can't Larry rhapsodize about potato pancakes? [via The Gluttonist] And check Serious Eats later today for yet one more latke post—a latke recipe from an unlikely source ...... More

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