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The Food Lab Turbo: Creamy Brussels Sprouts Lasagna

If ultimate indulgence, supreme creaminess, and a ridiculous amount of tasty goo are what you're after, this recipe—a layered lasagna with mushrooms, seared Brussels sprouts, and plenty of cheese—is a good way to get you there. The mushrooms and Brussels sprouts? Yeah, they're in there too, but they are there entirely for the sake of pleasure. I add Brussels sprouts to my rib-stickers not because they're green and healthy, but because they're damn delicious. The green and healthy part is just an added bonus. More

From the Archives: No-Holds-Barred Sunday Lasagna Bolognese

Serious Eats Art Director Robyn Lee made the questionable decision to construct my Lasagna Bolognese on a weeknight. Why questionable? Because the sauce alone needs to simmer for three hours before you can even begin to construct or bake the damned thing. "We didn't eat until 1 a.m. so we were really hungry and it tasted good," she said. Here's a promise: this stuff tastes really good even when it's not 1 a.m. and your last meal wasn't 12 hours ago. More

Taste Test: Diet Frozen Lasagna

From time to time I'll catch a smug Internet thug disparaging the very notion of single-serve frozen entrees. "Oh ho ho, how sad, you want beef stroganoff but don't feel like cooking all day, you have a pet and your pants fit weird." Phooey. It's perfectly reasonable for a happy, well-adjusted person to let the freezer do the prep work every now and then. With that in mind I tracked down lasagna with meat sauce from three leading purveyors of health-conscious (or at least health-marketed) frozen food: Healthy Choice, Lean Cuisine, and Weight Watchers' Smart Ones. More

The Food Lab Lite: Ultra-Creamy Spinach and Mushroom Lasagna

The other night, I accidentally woke my wife up at two in the morning. "I couldn't sleep so I decided to make a lasagna."

She stared at me blankly for a moment, turned around, and shuffled back to the bedroom, muttering "what did I marry?" under her breath. If she had given me a longer chance to explain, I would have been able to foist the blame squarely on the shoulders of Serious Eats community member KarmaFreeCooking, who started up a Talk thread titled, "Vegetarian Lasagna Throwdown—Ideas To Win Over Any Meat Eater", explaining that she'd been issued the challenge of bringing a vegetarian lasagna good enough to compete with a meaty lasagna to a lasagna party.

I was not invited to this party, nor was I officially challenged, but challenge accepted anyway.


Dinner Tonight: Mushroom Lasagna

If lasagna is one of the most comforting dishes to make when it's cold—that's my opinion at least—then this mushroom lasagna variation from Smitten Kitchen is like wrapping yourself up in extra blankets and turning the thermostat way up. Instead of being topped with a standard red sauce, a thick bechmel is used. It coats each bite, and comes out of the oven bubbling and golden. More

Sara Kate Gillingham-Ryan's White Lasagna with Mushrooms and Prosciutto

We're loving this White Lasagna with Mushrooms and Prosciutto from Sara Kate Gillingham-Ryan's Good Food to Share. Loaded with creamy fontina béchamel, caramelized leeks, and salty bits of prosciutto, this lasagna has more than enough richness to make any get-together feel like a special occasion. But when it comes to baking it, the process is hardly involved—just a bit of stirring, chopping, and layering, and 45 minutes later you're looking at a glorious tray of lasagna that needs nothing more than a simple salad and a few loaves of bread to make for a great centerpiece to any wintry dinner party. More

Sunday Supper: Spinach and Sausage Lasagna

The combination of hot sausage and simply seasoned spinach is something a little different in lasagna form, but also uncomplicated and soothing for a Sunday supper. Be sure to taste the drained spinach for seasoning before you assemble the lasagna; the seasoning is important so that the spinach layers can stand up to the sausage. Serve this lasagna with a green salad, a bottle of red wine, and some piping hot garlic bread. More

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