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Coffee Panna Cotta

Imagine a creamy cappuccino, softly solidified. That's what the coffee panna cotta from Nigellissima reminds one of. Sweetened with brown sugar and flavored with espresso, this panna cotta is rich, yet refreshing. More

9 Must-Try Sweets In Sicily

Don't tell mainland Italians, but the sweets of Sicily might just be the country's best. Thanks to the island's hot-potato past (it's been ruled by Greeks and Romans, Byzantines and Arabs, French and Spanish) and its rich agriculture (hello, almonds and lemons, pistachios and oranges—not to mention olives and grapes), Sicilian food is among Italy's most varied and interesting cuisine. But when it comes to the sweets, we're really talking. More

American Classics: Chocolate Zeppole di San Giuseppe

While Irish Americans have St. Patrick's Day, Italian Americans celebrate their own feast day, St. Joseph's Day, just two days later on March 19th. If you're lucky enough to grow up both Irish and Italian that means a couple days of nearly back-to-back feasting smack in the middle of the austerity of Lent. In honor of my grandmother, we would have Irish soda bread on St. Patrick's Day, and, for my grandfather, zeppole di San Guiseppe on St. Joseph's day. Suffice it to say that the Italians win at dessert-time feasting hands down. More

International Face Off: Nutella

Have you ever noticed how some products that we have at home just seem to taste better abroad? Cadbury chocolate, Fage Greek yogurt, and Coca-Cola all taste better overseas or simply below the border. For me, this question becomes most pressing regarding Nutella, the Italian chocolate-hazelnut spread that is akin to my personal crack. More

Tuscany's Sweet Spinach Pie

If you've only ever had spinach pie in the form of spanakopita, this one is certainly worth a go. Into a lovely lattice-topped pie goes an egg soufflé-like filling made from ground almonds, lemon zest, candied citron, and enough blanched spinach to color the whole thing a vibrant green. More

Bake the Book: Dolci

With trays of creamy gelati, fluffy squares of tiramisu, petite cookies, and rustic crostatas, Italian desserts are a many-splendored thing. But the dolci listed off here don't even begin to do justice to all of the sweets you'll encounter when in Italy. In lieu of booking a ticket for sweet-centric tour up and down the boot, we're turning to food historian Francine Segan's gorgeous new cookbook, Dolci, for a two-week jaunt through the desserts of Italy. More

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