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9 Outstanding Barrel Aged Beers

You've seen the term 'barrel aged' all over your local beer shop. Barrel aged stout, barrel aged barleywine, barrel aged IPA...you name it. But what are you getting when you pick up a bottle? For the most part, a barrel aged version of a beer is going to be a fuller flavored—and generally more expensive—version of the base beer, in part thanks to the flavors imparted by the barrel itself (and whatever booze lived in that barrel before your beer.) Here are 9 of our favorites. More

7 Great Beers for the Christmas Beer Hater

They sneak into our bottle shops in the dead of night, revealed under fluorescent light to an unwelcome and premature soundtrack of soft-rock renditions of Jingle Bells and Silent Night. They're coming: Christmas beers, spiced to the hilt with nutmeg, cloves, and ginger. More

9 Great Food-Friendly Imperial Beers

As the weather chills, and what you eat becomes more indulgent, so can what you drink. These beers can bring out harmonies in food flavors, tame spice, cut through richness, and cleanse your palate, all matching the intensity of anything on your plate. More

Candy Apple

Toasty, malty, and a little nutty, brown ale is a natural partner for hard cider. Combined in this simple two-ingredient cocktail, they produce a mouth-coating caramel richness cut with a sharp rinse of tart cider. More

Ask a Cicerone: The Best Märzen and Oktoberfest Beers

Toasty, malty, nutty: they're just the kind of flavors you want in autumn, the ones you need to accompany roasted parsnips and squash, a crisp-skinned chicken or a comforting bowl of chili. Luckily for all of us, these flavors are found in abundance in the freshly released amber-colored Märzenbiers that make the rounds each Oktoberfest season. More

Like Beer and Sausage? Roast Them Together With Peppers and Onions For an Easy Fall Dinner

Instead of getting charred and snappy like they would on the grill, these German-style garlic sausages wind up with a nice, evenly browned surface thanks to a hot oven and baste in beer, olive oil and red wine vinegar. An accompaniment of quick-pickled peppers and onions ups the ante -- and offers an excuse to use end-of-season produce. More

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