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5 Places to Order Last-Minute Thanksgiving Pies in the Washington, D.C. Area

Sweets Abbey Becker 1 comment

Rather than let you pick up a sub-par pie at the grocery store, we've put together a couple of D.C.-area bakeries that'll take your order for last-minute pies that you can be proud to deliver to your host on the biggest eating day of the year. More

Alexandria, VA: Valentino's New York Style Pizzeria

Slice Dave Konstantin 8 comments

A solid four stars on Yelp, eighty-six percent like it on Urbanspoon, and many rave that it's the best New York-style pizza in the DC area. Thinking that a great pizzeria had miraculously flown below my radar for all these years, I headed straight to Valentino's in Alexandria, ready to be impressed. More

Alexandria, VA: Hard Times Café

A Hamburger Today An AHT Field Agent 6 comments

Today's AHT reader recommendation comes from Ben Roode in Washington DC. He shares his appreciation of the outdoors on his website/podcast Ben Goes Outdoors (not burger-related, but you have to burn those calories somehow!). You can follow him on Twitter... More

Babycinos, a Drink for Babies

Erin Zimmer 20 comments

Photograph from t1mmyb on Flickr At the bakery/cafe/lounge Buzz in Alexandria, Virginia, babies (and baby-ish age range) can get a kick-start on their fancy $4 coffee addiction. According to a press release: Kids can now enjoy their very own coffee bar beverage with Buzz’s new Babycino. The child-friendly concoction is caffeine-free, and made with cold regular or chocolate milk served in a 12-ounce cup, and topped with frothed foam and a drizzle of homemade chocolate sauce for $1. So basically it's just milk with stuff on top. "Babycino" was new to me, but actually has entries on both Wikipedia and Urban Dictionary. Do babies really care? Don't they just want bottles and juice boxes?... More

In Virginia, Beer-Sicles Are Legal Again

Erin Zimmer Post a comment

Rustico executive chef Frank Morales showing off his beer pops, banned last year, but back again. Almost a year ago to the day, the beer-centric restaurant Rustico in Alexandria, Virginia had to remove "beer pops" from their menu. The grown-up popsicles, available in flavors like "Raspbeer-y," didn't jibe with Virginia legislation. According to the state's Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC), beer must be served in its original container, or served immediately after pouring. So where does that leave the brew pops, or other items on the menu like framboise-marinated red onions in the Hearts of Romaine Salad? When does beer become less liquid and more solid food? Rustico executive chef Frank Morales challenged ABC and thanks to a... More

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