'Seitan' on Serious Eats

Food Artisans: Monks Meats

Rebecca Lopez-Howes and her boyfriend, Chris Kim, both vegetarians, started making their own seitan because they were frequently disappointed by what they were able to buy in stores, often finding the texture to be unpleasantly stringy or spongy. The ideal texture of the wheat-gluten meat substitute, says Lopez-Howes, is "a little firm, more like a portabella mushroom. It should be a little dense." More

The Vegan Experience: Say No To Faux

I can't stand faux meat. I just can't abide by the stuff. I understand the appeal, and it's precisely because veganism is a diet of moral rationale that mock meats exist. Folks don't want to eat animals because it automatically implies exploitation, yet they grew up with delicious bacon and don't want to give it up. It's a trade-off that some people are willing to make, yet deep down (or even just below the surface), I think pretty much every vegan knows that no matter how great those new soy-burger patties are, they'll never compare to the real thing in flavor. My question is, why even bother? More

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