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Fast Food: Quizno's Lobster and Seafood Salad Sub

Subway's unchallenged dominance of the fast food submarine sandwich sector frustrates me. I have nothing in particular against Subway, but I also have nothing in particular for it: Subway is fine, but the submarine sandwich is such a majestic creature that I'm surprised another chain hasn't emerged to take it to greater heights. The only thing Subway consistently excels at is smelling like itself. The seasonally available Lobster and Seafood Salad Sub may sound like a somewhat risky choice, but that's what we're trying today. More

Fast Food Cheesesteak Challenge

If "cheesesteak" comes up in a word association game, chances are you'll say "Philly." But, unless you're in the City of Brotherly Love, it's often hard to find a decent one—or find one at all. As a lifelong cheesesteak fanatic and native Pennsylvanian (though from the west side of the state), I decided to see how some of the big sub chains would stack up in the cheesesteak department: Subway, Quiznos, Blimpie, and New England favorite D'Angelo. More

Quiznos vs. Subway: Toasted Sub Showdown

Fast-food brings to mind all sorts of negative terms—"fried," "greasy," and "artery-clogging" probably among them. That said, some American chains do provide lighter fare at a similar pace and price to a McDonald's or a Burger King. Wholesome? Homemade? Maybe not—but fast-food sandwich shops are, no question, among the healthier of your fast-food options. This week, we put Subway to the test against Quiznos, in a face-to-face showdown of the sub-shop chains. More

The Supposed Top 10 Worst Fast Food Campaigns of All Time

"THEY GOT A PEPPER BAR!" I write "supposed" in the title above because Westword includes in its worsts roundup the Quiznos spongmonkeys. Clearly Westword doesn't know awesome when it sees it. The spongmonkeys were brilliant, fun, and so out of the ordinary that they made you sit up and take notice. You also have to give Quiznos props for mining an internet meme and using it as a marketing tool long before it was cool to do so. Let's not forget that this was during Subway's white-bread Jared heyday, too. Thank God that someone was making innovative sub-sandwich commercials back in 2004. [After the jump, the Quiznos spongmonkey commercial.] Other nominees on Westword's dubious list include Wendy's cross-dresser dude, Domino's... More

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