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How to Make Fried Sweet Cheese Pierogi

Of all the pierogi that New York has introduced me to over the years, it's the sweet cheese version that has really stolen my heart. Tangy, creamy, sweet, and cheesy, it straddles the line between savory and sweet, making it perfect to eat no matter the occasion. Here's how to make 'em at home. More

Market Scene: Market Hall in Gdansk, Poland

Most tourists are too busy admiring the ornate pastel buildings of seaside Gdansk, Poland to visit the massive Market Hall just a few blocks away. Reminiscent of a nineteenth century train station, crowned with a wrought iron and glass roof, it houses an overwhelming selection of food vendors. You can fulfill your Polish food fantasies for paczki, herring, kabanosy sausages, and every variety of E. Wedel chocolate, all in one place. More

Karczma: Polish Comfort Food with a Side of Shtick

Stepping into Karczma is like entering an Epcot Center version of a Polish farmhouse. Wagon wheel chandeliers and gas lamp fixtures light up a dining room that centers around a prop water well. The waitresses, costumed in billowy peasant dresses, push the vibe dangerously close to theme restaurant territory. Thankfully though, that's where the tacky facade ends—the kitchen is genuinely Polish, putting out food that rivals any other restauracja in Greenpoint. More

Market Tours: House-Smoked Polish Kielbasa and 2,300 Beers at Eagle Provisions

The sign crowning the awning of Eagle Provisions—whitewashed plywood with hand pained lettering in orange and black—seems like it's been there a long time. And it has: 34 years, an eternity in the gentrifying neighborhood south of Park Slope and north of Sunset Park. People come to Eagle Provisions for two reasons: its house-smoked kielbasa and its staggering selection of beer from around the world. More

The Vegetarian Option: Lomzynianka

Greenpoint is a rapidly changing neighborhood. It is home to one of the largest Polish communities in New York, and despite the artisan ice cream and Neapolitan pizza places that are opening up, you can still find good old fashioned (and un-trendy) Polish food. Lomzynianka serves up some of the city's most authentic, in an atmosphere that makes you feel that you're dining in someone's home. You seat yourself, the food is rustic and comforting, and the smell of dill wafts out of the kitchen every few minutes. More

Bread Baking: Babcia Bread

In trying to re-create my husband's grandmother's recipe, I was working from a version passed along from memory with possible translation errors. But I knew I got it right when I got an enthusiastic "Oh, yeah" from my from my husband. This is the bread the way he remembered it, and this is what I'm declaring the final version. More

Making Pączki, or Polish Doughnuts

[Photograph: Bon Vivant] There are all sorts of doughnuts in this world, but few seem to be as perfect filling delivery vehicles as these pączki, or Polish doughnuts. "Based on a yeast starter," according to this recipe from Bon Vivant, "the batter is then enriched with eggs, fat and flavorings before being filled with a teaspoon or two of your preferred confiture or cream and deep-fried to a golden hue." Related Celebrate Fat Thursday With Paczki, the Polish Jelly Doughnuts Spiced Buttermilk Doughnut Recipe Grilled Doughnuts, Better Than Regular Doughnuts... More

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