'Peeps Week' on Serious Eats

Photo of the Day: The Peep Liberation Front

Photograph by Comrade Bo After being microwaved, decapitated, and stored in drawers for stale-ification, the Peeps have had it. Seriously. They are pulling out the toothpick-et signs and taking it to the streets. This photo was submitted by the anonymous Peep Liberation Front (PLF), who feels especially connected to the movement. Look, the squishy brigade recognizes that being eaten is their destiny, but can they at least die with some respect?... More

How to Make Chocolate-Covered Peepsicles

Peeps wands for everyone! Making Peeptastic crafts for Peeps Week is a lot more fun than eating them. I'll admit I'm not a fan of Peeps by themselves, but skewered on a stick and covered in luxe chocolate and coconut? Definitely better than eating them plain. It's also not a bad way to go if you're going to die a Peepy death. These Peepsicles use the stepsister of the Peeps family—the bunnies. Chocolate mousse bunnies to be exact; although after tasting them I don't know if there's anything mousse-like about them. The only skewer type items in the Serious Eats kitchenette were 12 inches long and so up the bunnies' butts they went. That and the crackle of the... More

Making Peeps from Scratch: Interview with Chef Brian Robinson

Homemade Peeps (and a flamingo and shark for good measure) at Restaurant 3 If you took a nap, worked-out twice, built a hospital, and still had all the time in the world, would you then consider making Peeps from scratch? It just doesn't seem like a priority list topper, but hey. Chef Brian Robinson of Restaurant 3 in Arlington, Virginia, went for it. All week until Easter Sunday, he's treating his dinner guests to the beady-eyed confection. We had a little chat with him. First thing's first: Why?! I always loved Peeps as a kid, but as an adult and chef, I just can’t get past all the random ingredients on the label. It's a marshmallow! Let’s leave it... More

How to Make S'meeps: S'mores Plus Peeps

S'meeps? That's right, I went there. S'meeps are the Brangelina of the Peeps world. A classic treat (s'more/Brad Pitt) coupled with a sparkly chick (Peep/Jolie). This is a twist on the traditional s'more in honor of Peep Week and the glut of Peeps in stores everywhere. The s'meeps taste just like s'mores with an extra crunch of sugar and a happy dose of color. Consider making these as doing the rest of the world a favor. What's going to happen to all the Peeps that aren't bought and consumed/melted/frozen/mauled during the Easter season? Do they go to the old Peeps farm over in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania? Are they secretly plotting to take over the world in their Peeps lair? The... More

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