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20 Korean Dishes We Love in Chicago

Chicago The Serious Eats Chicago Team 2 comments

While this list is by no means complete, these are 20 dishes that get us excited about Korean food in Chicago. More

Hanjoo Brings Korean Pork Barbecue to the East Village

New York Max Falkowitz 10 comments

We first encountered Hanjoo on its home turf in Korean Flushing, when our man Chris Hansen lavished praise on its crispy and succulent crystal-grilled pork barbecue. We don't see much of the style of barbecue, a shame given the simple brilliance of the concept: Cook pork belly on an inclined plane of quartz over a gas burner. Let drippings fall into a pile of kimchi. Take delight.

So when another branch of Hanjoo opened in the East Village on Saint Mark's Place, we paid a visit quickly, and yup, there was that barbecue pork again, still awesome. But on our first visit and three subsequent trips, the restaurant has been more than half empty during peak hours. This street is a madhouse at night, and neighboring ramen joints and Chinese restaurants do well enough. So why aren't people going here?


Max and Eli Sussman's Korean-Style Short Ribs

Kate Williams 10 comments

This is a stupidly easy recipe for sweet, spicy, and sticky Korean-Style Short Ribs. The ribs marinate overnight in soy sauce, vinegar, sugar, Sriracha, and aromatics and then are simply thrown a broiler for 10 minutes to quickly cook and caramelize. Two steps and you've got Koreatown in your kitchen. More

Max and Eli Sussman's Korean-Style Short Ribs

Serious Eats Kate Williams 7 comments

In This is a Cookbook, Max and Eli Sussman offer just that--a stupidly easy recipe for sweet, spicy, and sticky Korean-Style Short Ribs. The ribs take overnight marinade in soy sauce, vinegar, sugar, sriracha, and aromatics and then are simply thrown a broiler for 10 minutes to quickly cook and caramelize. Two steps and you've got Koreatown in your kitchen. More

Kristalbelli, Showy Korean BBQ Without Smoke or Soul

New York Chris Hansen 4 comments

Kristalbelli, the new upscale restaurant in Koreatown, is Korean barbecue that has been elevated to theater. In the attempt to create the perfect Korean barbecue experience, nothing was left to chance. More

Seriously Asian: Korean Meat Marinades

Seriously Asian Chichi Wang 7 comments

Whenever I go out for Korean barbecue—the style of cooking where your meat is grilled tableside beneath giant exhaust vents—I always wish the marinated meats were less sweet and much spicier. Bulgogi, in particular, is usually too sweet. Here are marinades you can make at home with pear juice, soy sauce, sugar, minced garlic, sesame oil, mirin, and if you want a spicy kick, add gochujang too. More

Korean Meat Marinade (Spicy or Non-Spicy)

Serious Eats Chichi Wang 3 comments

Flushing: Jang Tuh Sutbulgi Korean Barbecue

New York J. Kenji López-Alt 17 comments

A few months ago, I ruffled a few feathers when I suggested that Mapo Korean BBQ in Murray Hill, Flushing might be the best Korean BBQ in the city. A few of you kindly pointed out to me that the BBQ at Jang Tuh Sutbulgi is not only cheaper and a little easier to access by the 7 train, but indeed better than that at Mapo. Having now been to both, I have to respectfully disagree. More

Grilling: Galbi

Serious Eats Joshua Bousel 6 comments

After a first attempt at Korean barbecue with Daeji Bulgogi, it became clear that most of you thought galbi is where it's really at. Naturally, I had to give it a go and after trying some of that sweet, salty, and incredibly beefy short ribs, I'm now totally on the Galbi bandwagon. More

Mapo BBQ in Murray Hill, Queens: Is This The Best Kalbi in Town?

New York J. Kenji López-Alt 18 comments

Korean BBQ is where it's at. When Westerners think short ribs, usually it's the braised kind. Soft, tender, and rich, glazed with a red wine demi-glace and slow-cooked to tender submission, it's cold-weather fare. Koreans see short ribs, and they... More

Grilling: Daeji Bulgogi

Serious Eats Joshua Bousel 22 comments

When I told people I hadn't experienced Korean barbecue yet, they were shocked. The fact that such a meat enthusiast had never enjoyed the wonders of this cuisine brought such strong reactions, I had to try it. And when I finally did, I was underwhelmed at first. Starting with beef bulgogi, the evening continued with one pleasant meat after another, but nothing quite lived up to all the hype. That was until I got to the Daeji Bulgogi. The thin slices of spicy marinated pork were exactly what I had imagined Korean barbecue would be—perfectly tender and flavorful pork with a unique and bold spiciness. More

The Paupered Chef on Korean Barbecue

Erin Zimmer Post a comment

Dinner Tonight contributor Blake Royer shares his first Korean barbecue experience over on The Paupered Chef. "For days afterwards, I could taste the spicy, sweet, marinated short ribs between my teeth." He was inspired to go home and make pajeon, a simple egg-and-flour pancake.... More

The Krave, Korean BBQ Truck, Hits the Streets of Jersey City

New York Carey Jones 4 comments

Photos from The Krave Why should the five boroughs get all the street food love? Just launched yesterday on the streets of Jersey City is The Krave, "The Official New Jersey Korean BBQ Truck." (Track their whereabouts on Tumblr... More

Snapshots from South Korea: Triple Pork Barbecue at Galmaegi-sal Jeonmun

Robyn Lee 2 comments

Last month I visited Seoul, South Korea, Here's a look at something I ate from my trip. For more, check out the rest of my Snapshots from South Korea. My last day in Seoul was, unfortunately, the most miserable in terms of weather. Non-stop rain meant awkwardly lugging around bags and an umbrella all day, walking around in damp shoes, and having little desire to whip out my dSLR and take photos of the gloomy city. But it ended in one of the best ways possible: with a mountain of pork. Accompanied by food bloggers Dan Gray and Fat Man Seoul, chef Rachel Yang and Soo Hyang Choi of the Institute of Traditional Korean Food, I got my wish of... More

Taking One for the Team: CheoGaJip's Bulgogi Pizza

New York Joe DiStefano 4 comments

Ever since T.J.’s Pizzeria in Flushing closed I’ve mourned the loss of kimchi pizza. So when I heard that My Favorite CheoGaJip Chicken was slinging several kinds of Korean pizza, including one topped with bulgogi, I had to try... More

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