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23 Pickle Recipes We Love

Pickling is one of those magical preservation methods that not only extends a food's shelf life, but also takes its flavor profile to interesting and delicious places. If it fits into a jar, then it's probably fit for pickling. From the basic garlic dill to pickled eggplant with mint and garlic, there is something for every time of the year. More

In a Pickle: Curried Pickled Zucchini

Judging from the number of emails to hit my inbox in recent days, we have now officially hit that phase of summer during which zucchini growth achieves warp speed. Mild-mannered backyard gardens turn into round-the-clock squash production facilities and if you're not careful to look under every leaf, you'll wake up one morning to a zucchini the size of a baseball bat. More

Curried Pickled Zucchini

Zucchini season is here and the age-old question remains. How can I possibly use up all this squash? This year, try this slightly sweet curried zucchini pickle. The end result is a pickle that is sweet without being cloying, pleasantly tangy and vividly yellow. More

In a Pickle: Sweet and Spicy Pickle Relish

I think it's time to shake off the lowbrow reputation that pickle relish has been saddled with for so long and bring out into the limelight. Since it's essentially a chopped pickle, you can use it anywhere that a bit of sliced or minced dill pickle might go. Spread it on a sandwich, stir it into tuna or chicken salad, or even put it out on a cheese tray along with a dish of tapenade. More

In a Pickle: Spicy Dilly Beans

Dilly beans are green beans, suspended in a vinegar-based pickling liquid and seasoned simply with garlic, black peppercorns and either dill heads or seeds. Because beans are sturdy little suckers, they retain their crispness through the boiling water bath process. Even months after canning, dilly beans will be crunchy and intensely flavorful. More

In a Pickle: Bread and Butter Pickles

Each summer, I make a couple small batches of classic bread and butter pickles to eat with tuna salad or tucked into a post-Thanksgiving turkey sandwich (don't knock it, it's a delicious combination). I've been told that bread and butter pickles got their name from the role they played during lean times. Tucked between buttered slices of brown bread, even the smallest sandwich had the ability to satisfy your taste buds and leave you feeling as if you'd had a filling meal. More

In a Pickle: Planning for Pickle Season

If you're planning tackling a few pickling recipes this summer for your pantry shelves, it's a good idea to do a little bit of planning now. A little strategic thinking means that you won't find yourself up to your elbows in hot pepper and then realize you're out of jars, lids or the necessary vinegar. More

Fermented Radish Slices

Fermented radishes are crisp, tangy and require just salt, water and sliced radishes to make. Beneficial bacteria transform the sugars and starches in the veg into tart lactic acid, creating a pickle that tastes good and is good for your digestion to boot. More

In a Pickle: Pickled Garlic Scapes

A couple years ago, I finally took the plunge and spiraled a handful of scapes into a jar, added a few spices and vinegar and found that they made a most delightful pickle. In its finished form, it ends up tasting like a wonderfully garlicky dilly bean. If you like the combination of garlic and a snappy pickle, you'll be quite pleased with this one. More

Pickled Spring Onions

These pickled spring onions can play a number of roles. Dolloped on top of a burger, a basic cookout becomes quite gourmet. Need to bring an appetizer to a party? Toast baguette rounds, add a smear of creamy goat cheese and top with a bit of pickled onion. A bowl of baby arugula becomes a salad with a forkful of pickled onions and a drizzle of olive oil. More

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